Chapter two pt 2Mature


Mom and I get back from a quiet sit down dinner of pizza and bread sticks, “only the finest cuisine for us.” she says in that corny Italian accent I thought was funny when I was five.

I think I ate my way into a food coma.”

Puh- lease you ate one and a half slices did you see all the leftovers I had boxed up.”

It was very rich.” I argue.

The richer the better.” Mom retorts.

I can't help but scoff.“Isn't that the town motto?”

She nudges my shoulder as she pulls into a local gas station, “Don't get snarky with me girl.”

My good mood is quickly ruined by a familiar car that pulls up to the opposite pump. I'd notice that mustard yellow Corvette anywhere, I mutter “assh-

Hey now be nice. Your to smart to resort to profanities.”

Not when he's around I'm not.

Another car pulls up behind Max. It's an old brown rusted Buick. Full of teenage boys who I've never seen before. Their howling like coyotes. It's clear that their drunk.

Look what we have here boys.” I hear a boy call as mom rolls the window down to pay for her gas. He's wearing a wife beater and his head is shaven almost bald. I think he's Latino. He goes over and inspects Max's car. Max is waiting cautiously for the attendant to pump his gas.

Get out of the car.” The kid demands.

Mom looks up the gas attendant is oblivious texting on his phone as he's pumping our gas.

I'm not sure what Max's response was but judging by the bald kid's expression it wasn't what he wanted to hear. The kid reaches in his back pocket for something. Mom notices something weird going on, “What the hell?!” She gets out of the car.

Mom it's not our business leave it alone please.”

She ignores my request, “Stay here I'll be right back.”

Mom no don't!”

The End

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