Chapter one pt 2Mature


The first thing I do when I get home is rip my shirt off. I mean I’m wearing a camisole underneath, so it's not as dramatic when I throw it on the ground. Mom enters my room right on Que. “Madison what's your problem?”

She is in her nurses uniform she's a petite soft spoken hard working freckled face and streaked hair from the sun, though unlike me her eyes are gray, gentle and worn. Her name tag, which reads Marylinn Bellherst is crooked and she still and smells like a hospital. That alone should remind me how hard she works to support the two of us. Even if we live in a cramped little apartment. She has been saving up for me to go to a decent college since I was five. It doesn't keep me from spitting out a bitter comment. “My problem is that I go to a school full of socialites-” I could stop there if I remembered how much mom gave up so I could go to such a prestige high school, but I don't. - “And I have to dress like I'm from damn Gap catalog!”

My mom looks truly hurt. She doesn't meet my eyes before she walks out of my room. Leaving me to my own issues. Instantly I feel like a brat. My mom grew up in a trailer park. She left when she was eighteen once she found out she was pregnant with me. My father fled town and my moms parents were abusive and indifferent. Mom had an older sister somewhere but they didn't talk anymore. So yeah I was the only family she had and I was being horrid


Later that night I found mom in her bedroom and went to apologize. She was lying down in bed reading a harlequin novel I sat down at the foot of her bed.

Madison you are so smart and I'm not just saying this because your my daughter. You truly are a unique person your compassionate and just all around talented. You have every right to be at Monroe High School.” She said sincerely. “ Make those idiots look beneath your clothes.” Instantly she shook her head realizing the error of her words. We both bursted out laughing. “You know what I mean.” She whispered before pressing a kiss to my forehead.

The End

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