Chapter One pt1Mature
Max, son of the mayor of Monroe CA, concerns himself with the death of his classmates mother, who died in a shooting intended to kill him. With the help of his recently orphaned classmate Maddison and unwilling accomplice Kyle, they set out on a quest for revenge and answers. Along the way they begin to unravel a secret about Max's father that could change Max's life forever.
This story is told in two narrat

(Max appears rude and vain and is not very likeable at first.  This is not only a story involving politics and scandal, but one involving personal growth as well. I hope you enjoy! )


My father, Robert Roosevelt was a lawyer- a gambling man of sorts. I never cared much for the politics in his career, that part of his life was hush hush even from my mother. All I knew was that his paychecks were fueling our lavish lifestyle and I was more than okay with that. Everyone knew who I was and wanted to be me. I was the golden boy sounds terribly cliché right? Well it's the truth. I'm that good looking rich boy quarterback dating the head cheerleader, okay all the cheerleaders , because as long as everyone gets a piece of me nobody much minds sharing. Power was instilled at me in a very young age. I knew I'd be a leader an alpha. Somehow at seventeen I have the world at my fingertips. I am Maxwell Roosevelt no relation to the late presidents,but I plan on making my own impression on this world.

I smile at my reflection in my locker, not because I’m vain or anything, but to check and make sure there’s no shit in my teeth. Yearbook pictures are today. My hair is always messy and wild looking, unfortunately giving me the look of a surfer. Caramel highlights streak through my dark hair. My eyes are light blue shaded with thick dark lashes, the kind that girls want, I think. I close my locker and nearly trip on a book bag carelessly thrown on the floor. The new chick with the locker next to me, Maddison I think her name is, is rummaging through her locker frantically.

Damn it!” She curses. Than I remember I borrowed her history homework, she sits in front of me in that class straight A student, lame.

Here.” I say handing her back her assignment.

Her hair is slipping away from her ponytail in little blonde fly a ways,she's wearing a gray T-shirt which would wash most people out but her skin has a healthy glow to it. She's wearing little makeup but she can get away with it, with kaleidoscope eyes balancing between a soft brown and a dark green. She has beautiful bone structure. She even has an athletic build although I'm pretty sure she's more of a nerd than an athlete. She doesn't carry herself with the confidence of an athlete, that's for sure. It was a shame all that beauty was hidden by drab clothes and flyaway hair. Immediately knocks her down to a seven...maybe an eight. Some people just didn't know how to market themselves the right way.

What the hell is wrong with you?!” She shrieks, nearly ripping her assignment as she takes it from me.

A gawky classmate comes over to put his two cents in. He looks as out of place at our school as Madison. Probably a scholarship nerd. His jeans are ripped and not even in a designer way. His face is swallowed by a hideous pair of glasses. Acne decorates his face.

There a problem Roosevelt?”

I'm stunned nobody's ever talked to me like that. Let alone two people from the same lower class sect, at once.

Your face for starters,” I tell him. I inch closer to him, hoping to intimidate him with my size and build.

He stares at me venomously.

You'll get what's coming to you,.” he pounds on a nearby locker for effect before stalking away.

I turn towards Maddison, “Nice company you keep.”

I hardly know that kid, but he can't be anymore of a moron than you are.”

I'm taken back by that comment, “I'm not a freakin moron!”

Than do your own homework.” She slams her locker shut for effect.

A tip Maddison run a brush through your hair !” I call after her.

She turns and shoots me a dirty look. It's a minor distraction in my day. But her insults are soon forgotten as my friends gathers around my locker. Courtney my current girlfriend wraps her arms around my waist. I try not to ruin the mood by gagging, but her perfume is so strong this morning. I cough into my sleeve and she gives me a pouty look. I shrug apologetically.

The End

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