Light slowly drained from the room where Ged awaited the prison master's descision. Would he let him become a guard and there fore bring him a step closer to the goal his people had sent him here with? He knew it was a great honour to be a guard at the king's own prison but he  was tough and he needed this job. 

The prison Master sauntered in slowly. 

" Ged Rubis?" He called

" Thats me sir!" Ged called, jumpinhg up. had hhe got the job? The other hopefuls glared at him, clearly annoyed at his name being called first.

"Ged Rubis. You are in. You are a prison guard! Advance to the next chamber and change into your uniform. You begin work tomorrow." The prison master said, barely a trace of happiness in his face. 

Ged held back a woop of triumph and forced him self to saunter slowly, uncaringly into the next chamber. He had done it. He was one step closer to finding his people's saviour. 

The End

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