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Death of a Captain


For months the long, painstaking hours had been like a form of punishment for Him, a punishment on his mind alone, for the body had yet to yield its secrets. He knew he would never understand its complexities, though he often wondered what pain felt like. Perhaps, to Him, pain was just another emotion He inflicted upon those who opposed Him, those beneath Him, those whose life force He needed to survive in this pitiful and caring world. The cool sea wind rushed toward Him like a mighty stallion fleeing from its handlers, though He felt nothing. He smirked. The body is weak. Weak but He needed it to survive. He needed sustenance.

The moon was unusually full tonight. A good omen. He didn’t need it. His smirk grew wider at the thought. The moon reflected the flying beast’s scales upon the ocean. From afar it looked like a mythical creature from ancient times past. Up close folk hadn’t lasted long enough to tell others it was real. Its deep black eyes occasionally glinted off the moonlight much like the scales did. Its mighty spiked tail could and had easily lifted even the largest Saland off its feet and sent it hurtling through the air much like an unruly child throwing away a small toy. Its teeth were razor sharp and could slash and rip through the strongest hide and break the strongest bone. Folk call them Nadir. He had another name for them. Dragons. This particular dragon was the last of the great dragon family that served the High Ancients millennia ago atop the Great Crag while the Ancients sat in council. They were their Guard. In return for their services they were granted the gift of flight which, until then, the Ancients alone had possessed. Then He arrived. The council didn’t last long. He found it almost sport killing the ‘immortal’ Ancients who he had hoped would have been a bigger challenge to his supremacy. He regretted killing the Nadir though; they could have risen to the pinnacle of his followers, much like the Nadir he stood upon now, skimming through the clouds, cutting through them like a knife through butter. She knew who her Master was and had learned that to disobey meant forfeiting her life. And her soul. He knew that she enjoyed the killing he provided no matter how badly he treated her.

He could feel it strongly now, calling out to him like a siren’s call drawing sailors to their deaths, dashed upon the rocks. His hunger swelled up in him. No time for impatience now He thought. Impatience meant mistakes, mistakes meant all could become lost and He didn’t want that. Yet. The Nadir could feel it too, calling; she had spent hundreds of years with her Master and thus had eventually been linked with Him. A blessing and a curse. She spoke with Him telepathically and He to her, “Master, I can feel it, it calls to me, you must feel it too?”

“Yes....stay vigilant. They will seek to keep it from us. Naturally.”

“It is near, very near below us in the water Master...”

“I know. You are....comfortable with your body’s...improvements?” His smirk grew wider. As if she would say no.

“Yes Master...I cannot wait to begin,” she looked down at her body and flexed her enormous leathery wings, still in flight. Her underbelly had been carved away, most of her old Nadir’s body torn from within to make room for an assortment of strange weaponry which were new to her still. Guns, He called them. Guns that fired flying things which caused explosions on impact resulting in the demise of her target immediately and gruesomely. Her two hearts and lungs, along with some other major organs, had been replaced behind these weapons with cogs, nuts, bolts and other pieces of metal small and large. When she concentrated she could hear the machines whirring and turning within. She had felt no pain in the process. Also her eyes had been...changed. She could see her foe in any condition, light or dark. This made hunting easy. She probed His mind carefully trying to get in. She felt a sharp pain. He laughed this time. “Now now my Nadir.....foe’s stronger then you before have wished to see my innermost thoughts and they did not survive, much less have any recognisable features afterward, you would be wise to mind your own business” he thought.

“I will take more care Master.....”

A light gleamed in the distance, perhaps a mile away. A ship, with a candle in a window to help guide lost souls to them. Soul pirates. They had arrived.

The Nadir swivelled her head, looking at him with pleading eyes.

“May I begin now Master?”

“......You may. But don’t let your impatience guide you, nor your anger. We don’t want to make too much of a mess....”

The Nadir focused on the target and roared a shrill scream.




She moaned softly, rocking back and forth in a rhythm, his strong well toned muscled arms exploring her body eagerly. He on top of her, her legs wrapped around his buttocks, his breath upon her. Her mouth lay open, her eyes closed in sublime ecstasy. He felt so good there, she thought. She was a good ship Captain. Everybody told her so, though she became famed for bedding a different crewman every night. She didn’t mind. She was gasping now, breathing heavier. The deckhand rocked faster grunting low quickly running on energy. She was moaning louder and louder until she screamed with pleasure. She could hear her heart pounding in her ears, could feel her lungs gasping for air. They lay atop the large bed, proud of their nakedness. They heard the scream from afar. The captain sat up quickly trembling in fear.

“What the fuck was that?” she directed a level stare at the lucky deckhand who had a grin on his face.

“It’s probably just a narwhale colony migrating to the feeding grounds; they make loud noises and screams sometimes. It’s how they communicate,” he was still on her, still inside her, still wanted her. He flashed a mischievous grin showing teeth and stared hungrily, greedily into her eyes.

She smirked. “You think you can have me again do you? I suppose we could go for round two...” She leaned in and kissed him hard on the mouth. She gasped when he became stiff again. They began again rocking rhythmically. They would die.

BOOM!! The entire back of the ship was blown forwards in a huge blast of fire and death, wood and glass and furniture blown everywhere, killing anything and everything in their path. A piece of the back of the ship was hurtled toward the deck wall, spearing it like a man gutting fish. Two figures clutching each other conjoined at the hip lay motionless, impaled upon the wooden stake, blood quickly flowing onto the floor only to boil over from the heat of the red flames. Their bodies lay broken, scarred and burned to char. They died doing what they loved.

The ship was afire, men and women alike screaming in pain and fear. The winged beast swooped down upon them burning their bodies to ash using its flame. He was pleased. This ship, he knew, contained an entire season’s worth of souls caught among the oceans and mountains and underworld of Entermia. They would have been sailing back across the Ocean of Sam toward a Norsedom port. Not anymore.

He set down from the Nadir, eyes burning read with hunger. The souls, he needed the souls. He walked toward the enormous hole in the centre of the ship’s deck, oblivious to the chaos, screaming, fire and death which surrounded him. He was unfazed. He stood beside the hole now peering down into the now flaming depths of the ships. A large metal chest sat in the centre of the underbelly. He could smell the reek of incantations and wards and see the bright colours of the seals upon the cage.

“Have you eaten your fill Nadir?” he called out to his Dragon with his mind.

“Yes my Master, this feeding has been a favourable one,” she was flying in a circle above him, dripping blood from her mouth, human carcases lay about the deck, missing limbs here and there.

He turned His attention back to the seals, calling upon his will to force the weaves out of the chest. It needed little effort on His part. He leaned forward and opened the chest with a creek, He was met with an extraordinary bright light which called to Him; begging Him for mercy. More voices joined in now, hundreds of voices, thousands.  All the while the ship was burning away around Him. He seemed unperturbed. It had been a long time since He had fed. He wished to enjoy it. He opened His gaping mouth; no mere human could have opened it as wide and sucked in. It was like an ocean storm. The bright lights and screams of the voices both scared and amazed the Nadir. She knew her Master to be all powerful, she knew none could cross His path and survive, even her. The swirling vortex of death and screams and lights was becoming thinner now, his mouth sucking up the souls eagerly. She wished to be gone from this place.

Her Master had finished, His body looked rejuvenated, young again; no longer ugly and deformed. He looked young and strong again. He strode with purpose bavck to her.

“Come, it is time we departed from this wretched place.”

The End

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