Ch.2 California is an odd place


Alex and his mother had just gotten off the plane. He was finally in America. After the longest and most boring plane ride in his existence, he had made it to this place that he didn’t even want to be. Where Alex really wanted to be was back home in Portugal.

As they walked to the check in area to go rent a car Alex picked up conversation “I mean, I could have just stayed in Portugal while you moved here to America mom.”

 Alex’s mom laughed and said “And where do you think you would go mister independent.”

Even though Alex wouldn’t have really suggested this in a real argument of him staying in Portugal just for the hell of it he said “Well mom I could had moved in grandma and grandpa’s house”.

Alex’s mom looked straight into his eyes and said “Do you really think you would be able to live at your grandparent’s house more than a week without me?”

 Of course, Alex knew she was right. His mother was usually right one hundred percent of the time.

 Alex loved his grandparent’s and all but it kind of makes him go crazy to be their more than a week or two just because of how their always so overprotective of him. The reason why is because ever since Alex’s father had died in that accident all of my family got really protective over him about anything. Alex understood why his family was so protective though. Since Alex was the only child his father had ever had, his family didn’t want the same fate that his father had gotten to come to himself also. But fortunately for Alex, his mother usually allowed him to do whatever he wanted to do as long as he sent her a text or a phone call from time to time. This of course, was on the long list of reasons why Alex loved and honestly cared for his mom.

Alex’s mother looked at Alex with eyes that he could tell that she loved him so he couldn’t help and smile back and say “I love you mom. I don’t want to live anywhere else except for where you live.”

Alex’s mom smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek and said “You know your father would be so proud of you Alexander. You’ve grown up to be a great and, handsome boy, and a smart one over all.”

Alex had always hated it when his mother would say stuff like that. At random times she would compare Alex to his father and he had always hated it when she did because she would always get very emotional and sad because she would start to think about his father and he never, ever liked to see her sad.

 “It’s more likely going to be more Hispanic and Asian people around basically so just please try to get used to it as best as you can” Is what Alex’s mother had told Alex when he had asked her about the race population in California.

He wasn’t so happy about it when she told him. Alex wasn’t racist or anything but he was used to the fact that everyone around him was Portuguese. To him, it was like taking a cat and putting the cat in a house with a bunch of other animals when the cat had always been in a house of cats until then.

After a forty minute ride, Alex and his mother had made it to the apartment that his mother had rented out until she could find a stable job and a nice house to live in. As they got out of the car Alex’s mom called out to him, “Alexander, can you help me with these bags into the house please?” 

With a playful tone Alex said “Alright, you know I can handle this by myself if you want me too mom. Some of this stuff is pretty heavy. I don’t want you getting hurt in the attempt of trying to pick up a bag or something.”

Alex’s mom looked at him with an aggravated stare and said in a menacing tone “Alexander, you know I don’t like it when you do that to me.”

 Alex knew the fact that whenever he tried to act nice to his mom and pick something up for her she acts like he trying to say that she’s weak or something like that “Yes, yes I know mom, sorry about that. Just please don’t destroy your spine in the attempt of picking up a few bags ok.”

His mom smirked at what he had said “Ha, ok then Alex if you keep saying that stuff then I’m going to have to break your spine.”

Alex said in a sly tone “Gosh mom, you have no sense of humor do you?”

 When he had said this to his mom she started to furrow her eyebrows towards Alex and said “Do you want to die Alex? I mean, you don’t have any right to say that while I am and always will be your mother!”

 To put out the fire Alex has started he said in his sweetest voice possible “Love you too mommy.” and then gave her a kiss on the cheek.

His mom stared at him for a moment and then replied “I love you to dear, but you got to stop acting like I’m such a weak person and that I can’t pick up a single bag by myself.”

Alex just smiled and said “Yes mom I know and I’m sorry.” After he got settled in and got to his humongous bed he just took a nap because he definitely needed one.

As Alex tried not to be bored for the rest of the summer it got really difficult because the fact that he didn’t know any places to go or just anyone in general. So since he had nothing else to do he decided to read. Reading was the only thing that could allow Alex to pretend that he wasn’t in a place that he didn’t want to be.

 While Alex read, he could pretend that he at the beach, or  could pretend that he was getting chased by a lot of zombies which to him, would be a lot better than being where he was at this moment.

Alex tried to pretend that it wasn’t happening but he couldn’t help but notice that his mom had started to flirt with other men. He had guessed that, that was a good thing but in the back of Alex’s head he couldn’t help being annoyed whenever a man would come over to our grandparent’s house or whenever a guy would call our house phone asking for my mother.

It became such a common ritual where he would only say “Yeah, she’ll be here in a moment” or “She’s getting out of the shower so just hold for a minute”.

There was one time where Alex had just slammed the door on this one tall guys face when he asked for his mom but when he had did so his mom had gotten really angry and even kind of depressed and Alex hated it when she’s sad, so in turn Alex vowed to never hurt her on purpose ever again for as long as he live.   

The night before school was a long night for Alex. He was so intent on finishing up the last level of Zombie Pig Men: The Blood Is Everywhere that he hadn’t realized that it was one in the morning.

Hungry, Alex got up from his bed and headed to the kitchen. Even though he would never admit it to anyone, he was excited to go to his new school tomorrow. The excitement of meeting new people and seeing new things was something that Alex could never say no to.

Once Alex got to the kitchen, he went to freezer and grabbed a bag of what his mother called Pizza Puffs. Now, he wasn't so sure what a Puffs exactly implied but he knew that he liked pizza so he ripped the bag open and a dozen of rectangular pillow figured objects came toppling out of the bag.

"Is that all their is to these things?" Alex muttered under his breath as he made sure all of the Pizza Puffs were on top of the plate he had fetched after opening the bag.

After eight minutes of boredom the Pizza Puffs were done with the ding of the oven singling their finish so Alex walked back over to the oven and grabbed the plate.

Alex set down the plate onto the kitchen table and examined the plate before him. It definitely smells good he thought as he  gave the small pizza puff a look-over before getting ready to take his first bite.

While going for his first bite, Alex noticed a figure of a person standing right outside of his house looking right at himself.

With anger and confusion he barked "Hey!" and grabbed a knife that was resting on the table. Without thinking for a second Alex unlocked his front door and ran outside.

It was chilly outside. Not as cold as it can get in Portugal on a night like this but all the same, without shoes and a proper sweater Alex was freezing his butt off.

He eyed the lawn where he was sure he saw someone looking into the window right in view of where Alex happened to be sitting but nobody was in sight.

It was quiet. Too quiet in Alex's opinion.  Back in his country, you could always here someone talking or some drunk old men cheering at a girl or two walking by. Here in California though, it was just silence. That's something he thought his mother loved about California, the quietness.

As Alex gave one more glance he sighed and shook his head as he walked back into his house where he was prepared for Pizza Puffs and his video games.

The End

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