Ch. 1 Unexpected things suck

“Alexander!” Alex’s mom called out when he got home. Usually, Alex would have a chance to relax for a few minutes before his mom would chat with him about his day or other things because his mom was smart enough to know that Alex was probably either really tired or really sweaty so she would give him some alone time.

 So to Alex, this must be something important so instead of going to his room, he dropped his skate board and bag and went on his way to his mother’s room.

From as far as Alex could remember he had considered his mom as the most beautiful women on Portugal. She has light brown hair with beautiful brown eyes and the lightest touch of brown skin with the nicest smell of a rose wherever she went.

Alex knew for a fact that she could have any man she wanted but after his father died she decided to stay single. Alex’s father got killed in an accident. None ever specifically told him what kind of accident but he had guessed that wasn’t the important thing. The most important thing at that time was that his father had died and wasn’t ever coming home again to give his mother a kiss and give him a hug.

When Alex had gotten to his mother’s room the door was already open just waiting for him to walk through. Alex wasn’t sure what was going on. Did his mother find out that he hadn’t cleaned his room like she told him to? Or did someone else from his long list of family members die. Alex took a deep breath and walked into the room “What’s going on mom?”

Alex’s mom stared at him for about a moment and then says “We’re moving Alex.”

 He thought she was joking around so Alex laughed “Why would we move to a different house when we have a good building like this one mom?”

 Alex’s mom sighed, paused for a moment and then said “Well, the thing is Alexander… It’s more than moving to a different house. It’s more like moving to a different country… More like Moving to U.S.”

 Alex just paused.  He didn’t know what to say. How could his mom just decide to move just like that and leave all those things they had worked so hard to achieve? “Mom… What about my soccer and my mixed martial arts training?”

Alex’s mom knew he was going to ask that so she replied very quickly “Alexander, your soccer season is already over. You guys won it all remember. And for the mixed martial arts; you’ve been doing that since you were five so maybe you should do something else for once.”

 Even though Alex wanted to argue back he knew she had a point. It doesn’t mean he’d like it “Alright mom I’ll… I’ll go. But when will we be leaving?”

His mom sighed and then said “Well, you see Alexander, we’ll be leaving in two days.” Alex couldn’t believe what his mother had said. All he could say was “In two days, mom?”

All Alex could think was why so soon and, why right now? Couldn’t his mom just wait a little while before and let him say bye to friends and stuff. He guessed that he would just send them a few text messages then.

Alex’s mom got up and gave him a hug and said “I’m sorry Alex, I know that you’ve been threw a lot and the death of your father has given you a lot of grief that you have covered up because you want to stay strong for me. But I promise if we move we’ll have so much of a better life; a better life for you and a better life for me.”

Alex couldn’t help but smiling, his mom was just trying to protect him any way she could and that made Alexander really happy for that so he hugged her back and said “Alright mom, if moving to America will make you happy then I’ll be happy.” To Alex, his mom’s happiness was all that mattered, even if he had to move to another country.

The End

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