Luna wakes to find her past, ordinary self was gone and it's in place, was a person filled with darkness. With the help of Xavier, her dark, handsome boyfriend, can she salvage what was left of her life and figure out her past.

Darkness enveloped me like a thick blanket, blinding my sight. Scents of hay, dampness and rain filled my nostrils. The only sounds to be heard was the rain, drumming a steady beat against the window and murmers coming from an unknown source. Underneath me I could feel the hard, cold, damp ground. My whole body was chilled to the bone and my heart stuttered in my chest, as if it was struggling to beat. My jaw ached, the pain causing my body to tense. I mumbled my first word in, I can't remember how long, "Xavier."

"Did she just say something?" Asked an exhausted, familiar voice. I tried to make a sound, any sound that would make it known that I was awake and somewhat alive, all that came out was the sounds of my ragged breathing. Quick footsteps came towards me and I felt someone kneel down besides me, "Luna can you hear me?" I flexed my fingers in response and then someone was grasping my cold hand in one of their warm ones, the contrast of cold and hot made me flinch. Slowly, my eyes opened and found myself staring into concerned, amber eyes.

"Where..am..I?" I asked between breaths, I was still finding it hard to talk with the burning sensation in my throat. It was unlike anything that I've experienced before; my throat felt like it was on fire and my jaw ached more than before.

The End

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