Entering and Breaking

Her feet stirred the darkness, tangibly, like eddies of dust. Fox-like and instinctive her body twisted to conform to the gap in the injured chain link fence. The wire brushed her skin, its sharp teeth grazing her arms, her ankle.

A large, black, cloud of fear passed through her as she set her eyes on the crimson light above the pool table, far off in the window of the east wing. Grotesquely enormous and bleak gray in the moonlight, the mansion loomed ahead. It taunted her with highly sensitive security systems and doubly locked doors, saying, Come right in. Go ahead and try.

Halle knew the house well though. Despite her recent eviction, she was clever enough to know a way inside. The day she left she'd removed the locking mechanism from the locks in her bedroom window. They could turn the little white handles all they wanted, but nothing would secure the panes in place. One of her father's ditzy housekeepers would have simply ignored the abnormality and moved on to locking the next window. That was one thing she could count on, at least.

An soft, warm breeze blew from the direction she walked in and pushed her hair back over her shoulders, almost as though urging her to stand tall, to have confidence in what she was about to attempt. With trembling fingers she rolled her black sleeves away from her wrists and circled the estate. In her head, she sketched a map of the second floor and traced a path through the window to her little brother's room.


The stone wall was solid against her worn running shoes. She began to climb.

The End

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