Lie and nod.

I decided that if I wanted to get free I would need to fool this creature into trusting me, so I nodded and put my head back onto the ground.

He hesitated, wary.

"Tam? You feelin' better?"

I guessed this must be my name, so nodded silently. I felt the pressure lift from my wings, I was relieved to find myself uninjured.

The younger dark haired human appered shaken, prehas I wasn't meant to attack him? Either way he tried to stay strong, by smiling at me and saying that he didn't mind, but somehow the fear I could smell made me fell powerful... Was that who I was?

I heard the door to this... wherever I was open, and looked up. Through it I could see a large creature that looked like myself, Only I could sense it was a female, and it was a bright red.


She seemed shy, and was somewhat smaller than me... An excellent mate...




She backed away startled, it seemed that she was shocked, I must have made some form of social faux pás...

As the people backed away I saw that the door behind them led to open air... I had failed in making them believe me, so it seemed that escape would be the safest option.

I raised my wings and roared, I was surprised when they all backed away, I still don't know why I kept expecting trouble...

I charged throught the gap they made and flung myself back into the air that I had decided was my favorite place to be. I flew all throughout the day, my wings never growing tired of the breeze enveloping them, until the night came, and I decided I needed to rest.

I had come to a secluded beach that for some reason gave me a peculiar sense of déja vú... I settled down on the white sand nonetheless, and was dissapointed when no memorys came flooding back.

As I sat there, on the brink of remembering I saw a shape, I could tell it was another dragon, although it's shape was different to mine, and the feeling of recollection was stronger than ever before...


The End

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