Wake up confused and attack!

I felt weightless yet I was trapped, my senses said.

I could hear a slight humming as I opened my eyes slowly, my brain feeling like it was scattered inside my head. I struggled to make sense of things, trying to piece each part together.

I picked up a scent. A strange scent.

Another creature was in the room with me...?

I blinked and, my vision clearing, saw a creature like the Allock being slumped against the wall by the sealed opening.

He - I scented his gender - had dark hair, and judging by the slow steady breathing coming from him, he was asleep.

I felt my mouth water slightly.

I blinked again and I jumped up, wings spread out to help me keep my balance.

I started a steady stealth approach towards the new creature. When I was sure he wasn't going to wake up so easily, I prepared to fly forwards, looking forwards to sinking my teeth into-

A yelp found it's way out of my throat as I was side-tackled by some big creature.

"Tam! Stop this now!"

'Tam'? Was that my name...?

The other creature woke up at that point.

"Do you have him, Ivan?"

I struggled to injure the bigger creature who had me pinned down, but my claws, teeth and tail-blade simply slid off the leather covering him.

"Yeah, pretty much..."

He looked back at me.

"If you don't stop struggling, I won't let go..."

I thought about it and decided to stop wasting my energy.  He kept pressure on my wing so that I had restricted movement.

"Do you remember us, Tamago...?"

The End

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