Listen to my subconscious.

I made my desicion in an instant.

I didn't know who I was, were I was, or where I was meant to be but I could tell that this wasn't it. I trusted my instincts.

Allock had turned his back to me, I knew this may be my only chance.

I wasn't about to miss my chance.

I spread my wings as far as I felt I could and pushed the ground beneath me away, near throwing myself into the sky. The building had a high ceiling, which in this instant was made of a clear material, I could see the open sky above me. I could hear Allock shouting below and the sound of some kind of machine being fired...

But I didn't care! I was flying! The roar of the air under my wings as I soared to dizzing heights was exhilerating, and I felt as if nothing could bring me down! Well at least that was my belief, until I reached the heavy glass ceiling.

I flinched, I pulled my head down as I neared the roof. It was too late for me too stop and there were machines blazing below me. All I could do was hope for the best.

I had expected to crash back onto the floor, but instead I heard a shattering sound. I had smashed through the roof!  It seems I was a powerful weapon, A fact that both scared and delighted me as I flew through the sky.

As I grew further and further away however, I found my self always looking over my shoulder, as if I was unable to relax fully... Prehaps this was a clue to my past? Anything to help me rediscover myself would be so welcome... Yet I still panicked, and somewhere deep inside me I was curious as to why I wasn't being chased...

As I looked over my shoulder again, I found that behind me was the wrong place to focus...

I was grabbed by the neck and thrown into the airship with out any warning! I fought against what felt like a bag made of some leathery substance, but my claws just slid off, and my teeth and horn had no effect on it! Before I knew it I was asleep again, but I hear a few mumbled words as my brain switched off...

"Wow, Tam seems different! Prehaps we should have let him know huh?*

"I wouldn't worry, he has lost his memory, He will remember us soon!'

"That's what I like about you Torren! Always the optimist!"

The End

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