I don't know where I am...

The others...

I had to get to the others....

But who WERE the others....?

I blinked and lifted my head carefully, looking around. I was in another barred-box... a cage, was it?

Sniffing the air, the scents around me smelt familiar... But I couldn't place my claw on them... Whatever it was, it made my subconscious cower...

"So, you're awake at last."

I swung my head in the direction of the voice.

It was a human, who also seemed familiar, and he was holding a crystal of some sort.

The sight of the crystal set off a slight wave of pain in my mind, and I shook my head to try and be rid of it. It worked.

The human spoke again.

"Thank you, young dragon, for bringing this to me..." He indicated the crystal.

I had a feeling I could communicate with this creature, so I let my subconscious work that out.

"Who are you?"

A strange sound emitted from the human yet his mouth was still closed. A "chuckle", apparently...

"Well.... I suppose you could say I saved you... You've suffered amnesia..."

"Did... Did that crystal cause it...?"

"I'm not sure whether it did..."

I felt my subconscious creep forwards, fighting against this human's words, but I ignored it.

"If you saved me... Then I suppose I'd better return the favour..."

He nodded.

"My name is Allock. Do you remember your's?"

I looked away to think, shaking my head after a few seconds.

"No matter, I'm sure I'll think up an approving name... Now, for you returning the favour, you'll be working for me."

He opened the "door" to the "cage", and I got to my feet and walked out.

"Follow me."

I watched as he walked out of the room. I went to follow but my subconscious overpowered me, gluing me to the spot.

It was hard to decide, which should I listen to....?

The End

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