Run with everyone towards the darkness of the cave where I had been just a few minutes before.

I panicked instantly after hearing the roar of engines, my conscience convinced me that they were here to confront me about the old man I had harmed before so I shot in the direction of the only place I deemed safe... The cave.

I could hear and sense my friends behind me, and assumed they were going with me, also scared by the engine sounds.


Jeepers put his claw onto my tail, causing me to whip round. I realised I was in the same place as before...

"Tamago, why exactly are you running further into this cave? What is it you intend to accomplish by doing so?"

"I heard an engine! T-the humans..."  I was panting, clearly tired from my sudden flight.

Jeepers and the rest looked at me strangly for a while before I heard a familier voice echoe from the mouth of the cave...

" 'Ello? Tam? Crisse? Jeepers? You all there?"

Ivan's voice was a relief to my tense mind, I was starting to feel slightly ill... I couldn't help but wonder...

The crystal in my hand suddenly burned hot and once again I was crippled with an excrutiating pain in my head! Before I had time to think about it, I blacked out...

When I awoke I was in another one of those machines that ADVENT had used to restrain me and the others, my head was still foggy... What do I do?

The End

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