Take the gem straight to the others

I looked back at the crystal, and reached out a paw to it.  It detached from its pedestal as soon as my claws brushed it.

I lifted it up,  feeling its surprisingly light weight collect in my paw.

The table and now empty-pedestal immediatly disappeared into thin air.

Well, no choice but to turn back now... And hope I would find my friends...

I turned back to face the way I had come and set off, one paw still holding the crystal.

After what seemed like hours, I suddenly entered the familiar area, and saw a familiar figure rushing at me.

"Tam!! You're OK!!"

Carla nuzzled me with her snout briefly as she reached me, then noticed the crystal.

"What's that?"

"I dunno.... I found it when I wandered off to investigate the cause of the whining noise... Apparently this is it..."

Steve walked over and took the crystal from me, examining it carefully.

"I wonder how this would have given off that level of signal...?"

"I don't know that either, but it was messing with my head when I heard it before..."

Jeepers spoke up.

"Something's bothering you, Tamago..."

I nodded.

"Yeah, a voice - I don't know who's it was - told me this crystal was the reason that Allock joined ADVENT... But it didn't tell me why... Didn't make much sense, either..."

Steve had handed the crystal to Crissie, who was taking her turn to examine it. Her eyes grew wider as she looked it over.

"If I'm not mistaken- "

She was cut off by sounds from outside, and we all looked to the entrance.


And the roar of engines.

Carla glanced at me, and I didn't know what to do again... But there were choices on my mind...

The End

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