Nod to Jeepers and set off alone.

I nodded to Jeepers and braced myself before heading alone into the moist dark cave. The whine was creating a ringing in my ears that soon proved itself to be painful, and I wondered why Jeepers didn't seem to have heard it...

"Jeepers can you-"

Before I was able to finish my sentence  however my thoughts were interupted by a highpitched whining that pierced my brain! I was reminded of being in ADVENT and the device they used to prevent our communication. Of course that couldn't be here; could it?

Nonetheless the sound continued to rip my mind. I looked back into the cave. There was no longer any sign of Jeepers or the others, I wondered how deep this cave went. I tried to reach out for help but the pain grew more intense by the moment until eventually I was forced to just curl up and wait or it to subside.

I don't know how long I spent curled up in that cave, or how far into it I was. All I know is that eventually the whining subsided back into the lower pitch I could live with. I was too afraid to turn back to my friends or call on them with my mind, so the only option in that moment was for me too finish what I started and find the source of that hideous sound.

The cave was dark and cold. It seemed to never end as I trudged through it, following the sound in my head. It must have been hours  before it reched a fever pitch, and I saw a shimmering blue light at the end of the long tunnel.

As I stepped into the clearing, my mind was still unable to reach the others (not that I tried after the last time) but a the blue light enveloped me, I felt like all my fears and worries had faded away...


"Who is that?" 

My voice echoed off the walls searching for the sound. The whining had stopped completley now.

"Tamago I've found you!"

The voice sounded familier. As if I recognised it from a far off dream... Yet no matter how hard I tried I couldn't put a face to the voice.  It was only ater realizing this I noticed the shining gem before me.

It was a crystal the size of my head set upon a marble pedestal in the centre of the 'room' (for want of a better word). It shone in a pure aquamarine that nothing else could ever match and it was polished to such perfection that it reflected off of the walls. Entranced, I felt myself step forward and put my nose to it. It was ice cold and smooth.

"Is this what was making that sound earlier?!" I didn't really believe it. It was too beautiful and perect to cause harm.

"I have no time for your questions. This is the gem that Allock is searching for, the only reason he joined ADVENT. You don't need to know why, but you must bring it to him, if not you put yourself and your friends in grave danger."

"Huh? That made no sense!" It seems my response fell on deaf ears, as the voice faded away. Well this was a very odd turn of events. What do I do now?

The End

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