My nightmare...

I wasn't sure whether I was in my nightmare or not...

One minute I'd fallen asleep listening to Jeepers' words, the next it was pitch black, yet I could see the others.  The humans and the other dragons, especially Carla, were huddled together.

I noticed a human was standing next to me. His face was in shadow, but I felt I knew him from somewhere.

The human spoke, and my insides chilled.

"Go on, then, Tamago..."

I felt a sharp tingle around my neck and snarled in pain, but found myself unable to resist the order.

I rushed at my friends; I was to attack them.

But why? Why was I suddenly on this man's side?

My brain was whispering, controlling me... 'Kill... Kill.... Kill...'

But  my heart said differently.  'No! They're my friends!! Stop this!!'

The resistance was fighting so much I could just about feel emotions, also telling me to stop, showing what I felt for each of my friends...

I could also hear the man's thoughts. 'That's right, Tamago... Follow your instincts...'

My instincts...? I had instincts to kill my friends?

This wasn't right...

All this, along with my heart and weak emotions telling me to stop, ran through my head as I picked out my first target.

Why not pick off the one who had created the first of these feelings?

The young female dragon's eyes widened with terror and fill with tears as I neared her, raising my paw, talons ready to strike...

I felt a smirk emerge on my face as I did so. 'How pitiful, she's so scared she can't move...'


And then suddenly I was seeing through Carla's point of view. I was feeling her paralysing fear as I neared her, paw raised, a smirk emerging on my face... That scared her even more...

I can't blame her, through her eyes, it scared even me!

'I'm so scared, I can't move... Tam, why are you doing this?!'

Why was I doing this?


My eyes snapped open and my head jerked up as I looked around the cave, wide-eyed and breathing hard, heart beating fast.

Crissie... Steve... Ivan... Jeepers... Carla... They were here... Still alive... Safe... Sleeping calmly...

And I wasn't planning on attacking them... Especially not Carla...

Jeepers' two glowing yellow cat eyes caught my attention as I edged closer to Carla.

"Nightmare? Can't blame you. You're young, you have those sorts of dreams."

I looked to him.

"But dreams of siding with an evil human and attacking all of you...?"

Jeepers looking away, I guessed he was thinking. I shook my head to rid it of the high whine I had heard before when in here...

"Where IS that noise coming from....?"

I concentrated and my gaze drifted over to where the cave seemed to lead off into the darkness.

Beyond the water dripping and running, I could hear... something... I stood up, intending to go explore, but looked at the others.

Jeepers was watching me again.

"Going somewhere?"

The End

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