Go down and fight the humans just to try and get a little sleep in the cave, hoping reinforcments don't come.

I was about to think of a solution but it seemed that Jeepers's mind was made up as he flew down to the soft, familiar sand below.

The humans on the beach seemed easy going to my mind, there were about ten of them, all with similar hair... It was quite curious to see, but they weren't malicious. No, to my mind they were uite relexed... I found it unnerving.

"Oh my gosh!" The shout came from one of the people below, she seemed young and was staring at us with eyes filled with wonder. Jeepers slowed for a moment, but it seems that, like me, he sensed they were far from hostile, and landed on the beach.

The humans gathered round without a word, they all seemed enraptured by our arrival. It was a pleasent change from the reception we normally recieved from ADVENT.

"We knew it!"

"We were warned!"

"Our forefathers were right!"

They all chanted in unison as we touched down, the golden sand creating soft clouds around our feet. I began to feel nervous as the humans shouted, their voices growing ever louder until I began to sense they were not the relaxed beach-goers I had suspected.

"I don't like this much."

"Join the club."  Me and Carla looked at each other for a moment before the entire group reached a unanimous descision.

Jeepers leapt forward, letting out an earth shattering roar that shook the coastline, I leapt forward and grabbed an old man between my teeth, just to make an example of him for the others. It wasn't deliberate, I promise, when I felt the crunch between my jaws...

It worked, the people poured away from the beach leaving us alone, but I was horrified nonetheless. I hadn't intended to kill any of them but it seems I underestimated my power. Prehaps earlier on in my life I would have made a fuss, cried, apologized. But I didn't feel the need to do so anymore, not one of us was innocent after all. So even though it killed me a little inside knowing that I didn't care as much as I used to, I threw the body aside.

"Tamago it's ok, at least we can get some sleep now."

Jeepers reminded me of how exhausted I was, so we dragged our weary bodies into the cave.

The inside was exactly the same as when we had first met Ellen, obviously the strange group of people on the beach hadn't been inside here.

I lit a fire with a gentle snort and everyone settled down. However as I closed my eyes I was unable to get the 'crunch' out of my head...

"Tam, I sense that you are thinking. This fills me with fear."

I raised my eyes to Jeepers and gave a slight smile.

"I'm just thinking about... What happened earlier. Who were those people? They seemed to know we were coming..."

"Who knows? I certainly don't. That was a rehtorical question. So rehtorical in fact, I fear I may have spelt it wrong."

"Haha, Jeepers you are as helpful as ever. Did I mention bizarre?"

"Clearly Tamago, our kind will never fully understand humans. Tiger. They themselves are so varied. Tiger. But then again, they must say the same about us. Tiger. Anyhow, you should get some sleep, we will have a hectic morning. Tiger."

Calmed by Jeepers peculiar yet somehow comforting words, I eventually found mye self able to drift off into my nightmares...

The End

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