We leave the others at base and set off... but then w get a disturbing call from Torren...

We all loaded onto Jeeper's back, though I decided I'd try to fly a little along the way despite my injury.

"Come on, we'd better get going before other humans come along..."


Carla's voice caught my attention.

"What are the humans going to do when they find...?"

This thought hadn't crossed my mind. Crissie had the same look on her face as she heard this. A quick mind scan told me what the two girls meant. Something about a "museum"...

"I don't know... But is there anything we can do...?"

Jeepers looked over to the body and bowed his head.

"I don't believe there IS anything we can do... Even if anyone does come along and find that, it'd be in no good condition to be on show... So he should be OK..."

Crissie spoke up.

"Maybe we should pay respects..."

"There's no time for that, Crissie..."

Torren took his turn to speak.

"Tam's right, we'd better get going."

We all took off of OTHER, me pausing to stay behind for a few more moments to see my now-dead father for the last time. My mother's anguished roar still rung in my ears.

As I caught up with the others, I saw Crissie cuddling a crying Fred. Ellen joined in the cuddle as I flew alongside. Torren looked to me.

"We'll mend your wing when we get back to the base."

"Thank you, Torren."

I could sense his grief and decided to keep my mind closed about thoughts of Will.

We soon reached OTHER, and we stayed only to have my wing and the other's various injuries sorted. During which Fred had a scan, and, like Ellen when she had her scan, he took the longest.

Realising this, I allowed my mind to wander and why the two children had been longest. Fred certainly hadn't been part of the ADVENT "adventures"... I made a mental note to ask Proffesor at some point before we left. My wing was soon covered with something I couldn't understand, but I was told not to "excersise it too much, if at all for the next couple of days."

After everyone else was seen to, and had all eaten despite the recent horrors, we all headed outside, saying our farewells.

Remembering, I turned back as everyone loaded onto Jeeper's back again, and shut the conversation out to the Professor and I only.

"I'm just wondering why the young humans spent the longest in the scan room... Are they... different, like Carla was...?"

He fixed me a stern glare, so I playfully gave one back, encouraging a smile from the old man.

"I admire your curiosity, young dragon, but no, no, I can't tell you. And neither can they.  You'll find out sometime maybe, yes."

"Alright. Well, it was nice to come back here again, even if it was just for a little while."

"I hope you all come back sometimes, yes. I don't think kids are the calmest type of humans..."

I smirked, and it turned into a smile as the two humans, as though on cue, came out and hugged my, one leg each. I bent down to nudge the both of them with my snout.

Ellen spoke first.

"We'll miss you. Come back soon!"

"I will, Ellen, don't worry."

Fred looked solem as he took his turn.

"If you find that bird thing - Aero - could you tell him off for me?"

I nodded.

"I will indeed, Fred, don't worry. He was a very naughty griffon."

'In fact I'll do more than just tell him off, I'll kill him...'' I thought to myself. Then,

'No, Tam! Remember what Papa said about the "urge to kil being too strong"...'

I heard part of me arguing with this thought.

'Yeah, but Papa's not here anymore. Neither is mama. I'm my own dragon now. If anyone needs killing because they've hurt my friends, then that's my decision...'


I snapped out of my mental arguement to see Professor looking at me in concern.

"I'm fine, Professor..."

He shoo'ed the children to the others before edging closer to me.

"You see this?"

He pointed to a device in his ear, almost discreet. Another mind scan told me it was a "hearing-aid".

"I modified this to pick up thoughts of non-human creatures, so I've just heard that arguement your mental sides were having, yes..."

I glared at him. He didn't bat an eyelash as he carried on talking to me in that low voice. I felt slightly angry that he intruded on something which may have been private.

"Yes, remember what your Papa said, and - however far away she may be - remember your mother is still alive. She may be hearing your thoughts as well, despite her not being able to see now. Jeepers told me everything while you were having you were all eating, yes. Unforunate events..."

My glare softened at the mention of my mother. Professor carried on.

"Carrying on, if you DO happen to find that griffon, bring him back in one piece. I'm sure I'll be able to put him back on our side, and the young age he should be."

"Tam! Come on!!"

Jeepers' impatient shout got my attention, and with a nod from Professor, I jumped lightly onto his back. We all waved as we headed back in the direction of the beach, deciding to stay there for the night before spending the next day flying for ADVENT.

The sun set on the way there, and my tail tingled, bringing me out of my light sleep, and I projected the thought I picked up for everyone to hear.

"Crissie... Your little machine...The "phone"...?"

No sooner had I said this, than it rang. Crissie read out the name on the "screen", before putting it on "speaker".

"It's Torren. I wonder if something's wrong..."

The voices coming through the small sound system of the tiny machine filled our small area of air, throwing us all out of sleep.

We could hear the children, they were scared and were shoutig in the background, Professor was shouting something to another creature - judging by the screeching Aero had appeared there.

There was a clatter at Torren's end as his "phone" supposedly fell to the floor - one of the children screamed.

And the voice that picked up the "phone" and spoke sent chills through us in the warm twilight air.

"Fly, fly, as fast as you can, dragons... You'll never get away from us..."

Ivan spoke as Torren's end went silent.


Jeepers' statement caught me off guard as we got the beach in view.

"Humans... We can't stay at the beach after all..."


Crissie's voice was a little too loud, but thankfully, us being so high up, and the humans below making so much noise anyway, no-one turned their lights up towards us.

I thanked the heavens that there was no moon, but nodded at Crissie.

Carla spoke.

"Well... Either we find somewhere else, or we go down and fight them..."

Jeepers responded.

"I'd rather sleep on my beach, in MY cave... Besides, if those humans don't go back, at least they don't have a tale to tell... But I don't think I have the strength to fly around all night just to find somewhere to sleep..."

Crissie replied to this.

"But if they don't go back, they'll just send more... So really it's not safe to be down there at all..."

I couldn't decide what to do, but I looked away as I sensed all other pairs of eyes locking onto me...

I couldn't believe I was in charge...

"Oh, mum... Papa... What should we do...?"

The End

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