Go over to the ruins and figure out what happened.

It was over in a second, like a dream. I looked back as my mothers scream echoed in my head, causing my ears to ring and my vision to blur and pulse. I saw the wall, and it's powerful weight collapse onto my father.

For a split second his back held, just long enough for him to give a final farewell.

"I love you."

His bright eyes locked with mine, and then it was over.

We were silent for what seemed an age. My mind was numb, and I was painfully aware that we were open to attack, yet as I stood there, so many emotions coursing through me it seemed the harder I tried to relax and calm myself the harder it became.I felt myself aging by the second as the shocked silence smothered us.


Jeepers yelp helped me turn my head to my mother, temporarily controling the weight in my chest. I didn't see much, the moment I turned I saw her flying toward me at a speed I had never seen before, her eyes were bleeding rich tears and she was writhing as if in physical pain. For a moment I was afraid, she was wild, violent, it was as if she was no longer the beautiful, wise and strong mother I was used to. I closed my eyes, causing them to burn with the hot tears.

A second later I opened my eyes to see where she was, the sight I took in was a sorrowful one, so much so that it caused me to weep anew. She was tearing at remains of the fallen wall, her own blood spilling as she fought the heavy concrete and metal. My fathers wing was being torn in her vain effort, but she couldn't see. She was blind to anything beyond her own grief.

"Orochi! Orochi! Orochi please don't do this to me! I beg you!"

"Chosi, look at yourself!"

Jeepers had turned back into a dragon and was attempting to console my mother. I wish I had been brave enough to do so, but I was afraid, seeing my mother in this way unnerved me. Her tears stained her eyes a gloomy red and broke my heart in two. The older dragon eventually managed to control her, even when her tears continued.

She eventually stood still. Jeepers stepped back cautiously. She continued to remain still, but I could see something in her eyes that worried me. It was an expression I had only seen once before. In a cat I once knew. As the madness spread through her, destroying her heart and mind all I could do was watch and whimper.

"M-mum... A-are you ok?"

My stupid question turned out to be an error. She snapped her faltering eyes back onto mine and let out a sound, not with her mind but with her throat. My mother roared. The sound was tragic and terrifing and a huge mixture of other emotions I feared I would never understand. After she had filled the air with her heartbroken cry she sank to the ground ontop of my father and lay still.

"I'm sorry Tamago... I can't..."  Before I had chance to respond Jeepers cut in, he seemed unchacteristically caring.

"It's ok Chosi, go. We understand, You can go now."

"Wait! Mum!"  I was too late, without another word she leapt into the dark and lonely sky. A mere shadow of her former strong self.

"Jeepers, will she be ok? Will she ever come back? Why won't she stay?"  The questions fell off of my grief weakned tongue.

"She may or may not be ok. She may or not come back. NO dragon should have to cope with a loss of this nature. It's enough to drive one mad..."

A sad look glazed over Jeeper's eyes. I remembered that he too had lost a loved one, and I felt almost guilty for my tears.

We didn't have much time to stand quietly however, as I heard Torren shout something behind me.

"Fred stop!"

My head span round in the direction of the shout and I saw the infant human picking his way through the chaos toward us, concern painted onto his freckled face. I also saw the griffin emerge from the rubble behind him.


I leapt forward at the same time as Aero but someone or something beat me to it. I was thrown back by an almost unnatural force and lay, winded and helpless on the remains of my father. I watched the fight taking place filled with fear and unable to move.

Will leapt at the neck of the griffin as if indestructable, practically throwing Fred towards Jeepers as he did so. Aero snapped back, his strong beak foaming as he snapped at Will, still desperatley clinging to his neck. Will then swang onto the birds back and pulled put handfuls of feathers, Aero was squaking in pain as blood oozed from his back and threw the human man over his head and onto the floor! The bird brought his beak down into Will's stomach...

"Aero!"  Before the horrific scene continued Jeepers leapt to the fore and removed Aero with a few snaps.

I ran to Will, knowing that it was too late. I tried to reach out my mind, but it wasn't reading him. It seemed we were too late... Fred placed a warm hand on my leg and I hid his eyes with my wing.

"Tamago! Is that Will?"

Carla's trembling voice was like music to my suffering ears...

"It's too late..."  I was right, Will was already long gone, his eyes rolled back in his skull and dark blood still seeping from his wound.

I then remembered that Jeepers and Aero were still fighting in the background and turned my head. It seemed that Jeepers had won, as he gave a long growl to warn off the griffin, and Aero escaped into the sky once more, hissing and spitting as he went.

"Is everyone ok?"  I didn't want to waste anymore time in checking on my friends. Everyone soon gathered around, their faces covered in dust and blood from the explosion. Seeing them all really brought home the gravity of our situation.

They nodded back at me and forced smiles onto their world weary faces.  I swallowed the lump that was stuck in my throat and adressed them again, taking charge in my parent's absence.

"So, does anyone know what we should do now?"  There was silence for a moment before Robbie stepped forward.

"Look, I'm really sorry mate, and thanks so much for taking us with you but... We just discovered there are puppies on the way, and I'm not gonna risk them.. If ever any of you need us we will come running, but for now we need to go."

I nodded, it was understandable.

"Does anyone else want to go?"

I held my breath as Torren stepped forward.

"I don't want to go, false alarm, but I was thinking I should leave Ellen, Fred and the dogs if they choose with the professer, that's the safest place.

I nodded once more and considered my course of action.

The End

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