The wall falls....

But in the split second warning, I managed to get in front of it.

I roared with the strain the rubble caused as my wings spread out as far as they could to protect Carla. I stiffened my back to keep the rubble in place. All four legs were angled so if I fell now, I'd be in so much pain... But at least I wasn't pinning Carla down...

"Carla... can you move?"

She checked behind her, past me.

"I can try, but my leg is still trapped...."

A plan formed in my head, and I sensed myself growing yet a little bit more...

"Carla, I'm going to slice the piano just above your leg. You move in that instant and get away... The others are around, they should be near my mother...."

I suddenly sensed a familiar feeling emtting from the female - the one that back when she was human, had come with a strange sobbing sound and the water coming from her eyes... the emotion that I know know causes crying.

"What about you...?"

I failed to hold back a wimper. Carla copied me but tensed, ready to move.

I swung my tail towards the object, and as I felt the material cutting under my blade (ignoring the pin pricks I was gaining from it) I watched Carla's leg move, and struggled to keep standing as she managed to move away from the danger, joining my mother and the others as they came nearer.

As my back and legs started giving out, I realised someone was missing... Crissie?

No, I could sense her over by Ivan with Jeepers and Steve, trying to get the poor dragon out, as well as Whisper and Fred... I could barely sense them...

Will was no-where to be sensed... And neither was Aero...


I looked up to Carla's face, and tears were running down her face. my mother and the others were fighting to hold them back as well, though they emitted the emotion.

I locked eyes with Carla and prepared to let my wings drop, to bring the remains of the heavy wall on me... I started seeing memories from when she had rescued me... It dawned on me how much we'd been through, how much danger we'd faced, how many things I'd learnt... And how many friends - and enemies - I'd made since that day...

"Carla... I..."

I didn't get to finish my sentance as there was a flash by my side that caused me to look away, and in that second I felt myself being pushed harshly away from the wall. As my head banaged against the ground and I got my bearings, I saw a glimpse of something then my mother's voice filled out heads, making us cringe with the volume as her screech echoed in the silent area.


The End

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