It's just Aero... But something seems wrong...

I spread my huge wings, subconsiously protecting the others from harm, whatever was coming toward us gave off a feeling of malice that words could not describe. As it approached I felt steadily more tense, my muscles twitching with the suspense. I stretched out my mind, it was far from human...

I will admit that with all the stress of the day my mind was exhausted, which is most probably why I put my overeaction down to stress. As Aero melted from the darkness into the light my mind was temporarily relieved.

"Welcome back Aero." My father seemed concerned, forcing me back on guard.

Aero didn't say a word, and I felt Carla shrink back behind me. There was no denying it, something was wrong.

"Aero? Where have you been?" Jeepers stood in front of me, clearly forgeting his current cat-like condition.

Aero kept walking toward us, he didn't pause or stumble, it was unlike him to be so calm... Ivan bravely ventured forward.



Aero's shrill shreik woke me up like a bucket of cold water. In a moment I leapt on him, holding him down with my claws as Crissie ran to comfort Ellen. I heard Fred crying, others running, my mind was whirring, what was the cause of all their panic?

But as I looked down at a small device strapped to Aero's neck, my primal instincts told me.

I let go, I just flew, I had no idea where everyone else was, I admit with shame and deep regret that for that moment I thought only of me. I heard it go, a soft pop barely scrapping the chaos, but what felt like moments later all fell silent, and I blacked out. 

I was trapped, my eyes blurry and my hearing reduced to a tinny ring. A large lump of the building was pinning my wing down, thank goodness I couldn't feel anything, otherwise I would have been more painfully aware of the rusted iron spike piercing it's delicate membrane.

I eventually came fully round and remembered my situation; with a display of strengh impresive even for a dragon I stood, the rubble raining off my scales. I ran blindly out of the bombsite that had not 5 minutes ago been a home and surveyed the area. I flet tears prick into my eyes as I realised the reality of what had just happened, and scanned my brain around for life.

"Are you ok? Is anyone there? Please tell me you're all ok!" I sounded like no more than a chick.

"Tamago?" My mother! I rushed over a few feet away, she was standing on a hill nearby, and seemed realativly unharmed.

"Is anyone else with you?"  

Torren, who had been laying between her feet, gave a groan in his sleep and rolled over. I was temporarily uplifted. It didn't last long.

I spread my wings and in one powerful leapt I soared over the rubble. A hideous thought that gripped my heart and made me feel sick to my stomach had crept into my head.

"Carla?! Carla?!"


I recived no response.

My head was leaking through my feet and my heart had already gone that way, so I barly took it in as I systematically found Ellen, Ivan and Jeepers. (Who had turned into a dragon and gotten stuck in the hole he was in, something I would have found laughable under any other circumstance.) Robbie had returned to my mother of his own accord. I know that I was wrong, but I didn't really care for anyone but Carla at that moment. The others had been screaming and shouting and crying. People seem to believe that the more you cry the more danger you're in. I discovered that wasn't true, in fact it was quite the opposite.

As I went deeper into the what remained of the building I saw a glint of red light, I held my breath and dove down, my injured wing causing me to swerve off balance. She was lying there as still as I thought possible. I choked back my exhausted tears and went over to see if she was breathing, as I did so a perfect crimsom eye snapped open. She wasn't moving, or indeed communicating with me, but her fearful gaze spoke volumes.

I cast my eyes up, and I saw the cause of her distress. It seemed the bomb hadn't completly destroyed the building, it had left the heavy roof and huge wall standing, they were being supported by a single fallen piano. The top of it supported the wall, and the bottom was holding Carla's leg in place. A quick look told me that if she moved even a muscle the entire wall would fall... 

Panic gripping me, Carla's life on the line, what do I do now?

The End

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