We find Ellen unconcious on the ground.

After an hour or so of searching, and Torren having been called, Torren called (having taken a ride on Aero) saying that he'd got a text from Will saying that Ellen had arrived at his place.

So we headed there, and I wondered how Ellen had known where he lived. It only took, going back towards OTHER and changing direction slightly to the left, a few minutes.

Getting there, we found out that his young son had found her outside - apparently they were friends. Torren explained this as we got off Jeepers' back and headed in.

"Will has a family but while we're working with an organisation like OTHER, we can't let anyone else know... It's only him and his son, though. But Fred knows about OTHER, as he stays there with Professor while Will's out."

I gathered that the young red-head human that greeted us at the door was "Fred". He looked around the same age as Ellen, if not a little bit older. He gaped as he saw us all, and jumped back in alarm as Jeepers turned back into a cat in front of his eyes.

Will came up behind him and greeted us, leading us bigger creatures around to the side, where there was a huge window in the wall, which he opened and allowed access for Carla and I into the spacious "living" room.

Ellen had been placed on the "sofa", and was covered with a blanket. Fred went over to her to check she was still breathing. Everything seemed fine, for now.

But my eyes caught that there was something not quite right about the young girl-human's hair.. It seemed... Different, somehow... Different colour, maybe...?

Steve pushed Tiv forwards, putting his gun away for the sake of the young boy-human.

"You. Tell me what that thing was and what it did, or does..."

Tiv was still evidently scared, so I walked up to him, my glare softening as I watched him back up to the sofa then cower on the floor.

"Please. It would help us greatly, as she's our friend. Who knows, we might even be nice to you if you do..."

He nodded, shaking violently and I backed off. Fred, once again, was in awe at me. I couldn't hide a smile at the little one's face. Tiv spoke up as I looked back at him while replacing my smile with the glare.

"It was Allock's idea... He just said to put it on her if we had a chance, I don't know what it does!!"

Will nodded at Torren, and Torren called us into a huddle.

"Will seems to believe that cowering wreck, so, so do I."

We all decided to agree on that. Then Fred's little voice broke the brief silence.

"She's awake!"

We all turned to see her, Crissie going nearer.


The youngster opened her eyes and saw Crissie, smiling a little.

"Crissie... Where am I?"

She looked over and saw Fred as he replied.

"You're here with me and daddy and all your other friends here. I found you outside."

"I don't remember coming here... I remember the man putting something on my neck and me running off... Then everything's all blurry..."

Crissie strokes her hair.

"Well, you're safe now, so don't worry."

"'Ey, Tam - where's your eagle-looking friend gone?"

As I turned and searched, I found Robbie was right, Aero had gone..

"Ellen...? What's wrong?!"

I headed over as I heard Crissie's voice rise to a panic. Ellen's eyes had widened and clouded over, but just as suddenly as I had come over, she blinked and her eyes were back to normal. She sat up suddenly, staring beyond all of us as we looked and saw someone walking towards us. He was currently in the shadows, about to come into the light.

I stood up and spread out my wings to seem bigger than I really was, waiting for the 'stranger', as they may be, to enter the sunlight...

The End

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