Get rid of Allock, keep Tiv, appoint a new leader and search for Ellen.

Beofre I even had a chance to think aloud Steve stepped forward and grabbed Allock, it seemed he wasn't a fan. In a split second he removed Ivan (no mean feat) and pinned Allock against a nerby wall, pressing a gun into the vile man's back.

"What should we do with him?"

"You obviously weren't there when we asked that seconds ago."

Jeepers sarcasm brought a slightly out of place smile to Carla's pretty face. 

"Well did you draw any conclusions?"

I heard a soft shuffeling and the tiny doctor stepped forward, despite his tiny stature he commanded total attention.

"Why do we not lock him somewhere? Yes..."

After all of our experience we were all somewhat embarassed to have not already have grasped  this very simple idea. Ivan sheepishly took Allock from Steve, It seemed that ADVENT's new leader didn't have much to say for himself. Afer Ivan left with Allock we all stood in awkward silence until hearing a thump, which I assumed to be the sound of someone being thrown down a flight of stairs.

"I'm back, he's in the third door to he left."

"Thank you, yes... Would it have not made sense to also take the other?"

Our heads all turned simultaneously to Tiv. He had been making an odd spluttering sound but we only just noticed it.

Jeepers got off of the poor wretch followed by Crissie, it seemed like he was unlikely to struggle.

"I-I P-please, d-don't..."

"Do you know anything that could possibly be of use to us?" Inquired Steve, getting his gun out again.

"Umm, possibly..."

"Ok let's take him with us! We neeed to get to Ellen! She was flashing!"

"Tamago's right... I think she teleported, She could be anywhere!"

We were rigth so without a word we loaded up onto the larger dragons, leaving the proffesser behind and started our search.

The End

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