Find a way out and try to rescue Ellen.

Carla and I went over to the door, and started to thump it with our tails, and a few seconds later watched it fly open. Satisfied, we stepped out and ran to the entrance - in time to see "Allock" and his friend making off with Ellen towards one of the 'birds' (I think it was called a helicopter...).

Something brushed between us and we saw Jeepers running towards "Allock" at top speed, pouncing with a hissy-screech and doing his best to distract him long enough for Ivan to thunder past us (with some difficulty) and pin him down.

Jeepers jumped off as Ivan approached and headed for the friend - named "Tiv", apparently - but stopped as he turned to face us with her.

She looked terrified as he held up and showed us a small round, clear plastic thing.

My tail tingled again - and realised it must be somethibg ADVENT had developed... Well, ADVENT or not, I wasn't sure I liked it.

"Come any closer and this little girl gets this.."

I spread my wings out again - partly to communicate, and partly to make everyone stay back.

"What is that thing...?"

"It's something like your precious "Bio-nano"... Only not so obvious..."

Allock had said this, still pinned down by Ivan's iron grip. There was something in the blink he just did that seemed-

Ellen screamed, causing us all to look back at her. The thing, whatever it was, had been placed on her, and she was fighting to get out of his grip while seeming in pain.

She couldn't be a dragon as well...?? Or could she...?

Crissie ran forwards when her name was called by the youngster, and the distraction let Ellen get out of the grip and run off.

She started to glow as she ran around the helicopter. I started to take off, intending to follow her, but I only got so far before she  flashed full white - and vanished - but not before I got a glimpse of white hair...

I turned and glided back down to the others.

"I've lost her... She flashed and disappeared..."

Carla understood me before anyone else did.

"She teleported...  I wonder what kind of dragon she is then...?"

"I'm not even sure she's a dragon..."


Jeepers mewed from Tiv's back, him and Crissie having pinned him down.

"What are we going to do with these two...?"

What WERE we going to do, I wondered....?

The End

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