We get ambushed later, find out how they followed us and who their new leader is, and learn yet another secret...

As I followed Crissie through the huge corridors I was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the place! I could stand upright on Jeeper's back and we would still have plenty of room to walk!  

"This is where we all work, the main OTHER base. It's normally just Professer, Steve and I. Occasionally Torren and Will stop by, but other than that we're on our own. At least we were before we met all of you!"

I allowed my mind to wander freely as Crissie tried to attract our attention to various points of intrest. Ellen seemed to be overly interested in the useless trivia, so did Carla for that matter. I felt bad for not caring as much.

Eventually we reached our room, it was about the same size as the rom at the INN, and for a moment I wished that I was little and that Carla could stroke my back as she had done before. I soon got over that however, and settled myself onto a large mat that was spread out on the floor of the room.

"Tam we aren't going to sleep yet! It's the middle of the day! I just got a message from the professer, he says the Bio-nanos are ready now. Funny, he never normally uses a phone... I didn't think he had one..."

So we followed Crissie back down the winding corridors to the large hall, where we found no sign of Professer or the others.

"They must have gone on without us!" Crissie and Ellen skipped down one of the other corridors but I hesitated, causing Carla to look back.

"What is it Tamago?"

"My tail is tingling..."

"Right... Um... Is that normal?"

"Only when badness happens..."

Her amber eyes fixed me with a look of concern for a moment before she cautiously followed the human girls, me close behind.

As we neared the Bio-Nano lab the tingling in my tail became almost unbearable, Crissie put her hand on the door, I jumped forward, but it was too late. I saw a group of thugs grab her before being sent to sleep yet again.

When I woke up I was tied up with leather straps, they obviously didn't have any of the ring machines... I opened my eyes but they too had leather wrapped around them.

I streched out my mind, I could only sense Crissie and Ellen, Crissie was unconsicous and Ellen was standing next to, who I assumed to be the source of the tingling. I felt another man too, a much weaker man, I attempted to speak with them.

"Who are you?!"

The two men ignored my query, instead starting another conversation between themselves.

"How is it doing that?! You said it wouldn't do that!"

"I-I K-know, I a-assumed..."

"How could you assume?!"

"I-I-I t-t-thought the l-l-leather..."

"Well It's awake now! What do you suppose we do?!"

Mere moments later I was thrown back to sleep by yet another dart.

When I woke up I was surprised to find that I was back in my room at the OTHER base, a quick search and I realised that everyone but Ellen was crammed in with me. They all seemed fine apart from Crissie who was still unconsicious in one corner of the room. I felt the leather mask being removed from my face, it was Carla, she motioned for me to keep silent.

We were all ok and together, this made me think (always a danger). Prehaps ADVENT weren't prepared? Or prehaps something had surprised them... I listened carefully, voices were coming from outside. I tuned into their conversation.

"Ellen what on earth are you doing here?! Do you know these people?!"

"They're nice people! They were in my cave... But it's ok, it was just a mistake! They took me here! I'm happy because I was lonely..."

"Ellen these are not nice people, they're very very bad! What would your daddy say if he knew that you went off with strangers?!"

"He would say that he's sorry he was away so long, and that he would have to leave again in the morning! He would also say that I'm not allowed downstairs when you and the rest of his friends are there..."

I sensed the rude older man was taken aback, but what did Ellen mean by that? Was her father in ADVENT?!

"We've got to go now Ellen, you've been very naughty! Lets get you home right now!"

"No I want to stay with my friends!"

"Your 'friends' Killed your daddy! You're coming with us right now!"

I shook as I withdrew my mind. Shaking, I relayed everything I had heard to the rest of the group. They remained silent until, eventually Carla spoke up...

"So... Ellen was Tobias's..."

"Help! Get off of me! I hate you!"

Ellen's shout spurred us into action, Steve and Ivan tried to break down the locked door but we all knew there was no point, the OTHER building was so secure... I heard Ellen shout again, she called for Crissie who remained out cold, I reached out my mind in an attempt to comfort her.

"Ellen! We're locked in! I'm sorry!"

"Dragon I know you're there, my name is Allock! I just took over from Tobias, you're ours! But first I need to get this one back to OTHER, you'd best thank heaven that Ellen was here!"

What?! This man could enter people minds like a dragon?! How?! Soon I lost contact with him, they were gone. The Professer broke the silence.

"Yes. Yes. Yes it seems he is the new leader.... Yes. What do we do next?"

The End

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