Hear more about the organization from Professer.

Crissie went up beside him as he walked in front.

"Professor, how about we give the animals a scan, seeing as we've been in and out of ADVENT over and over again? Just to make sure before we decide to put the Bio-Nano's on..."

"Yes, yes, good idea."

He glanced back at us.

"I hope you don't mind being scanned. It rarely happens but it's a procedure here. So, if you could line up along the wall outside this door here..."

He stopped next to a door, and I went against the wall, Carla and the others joining us. Crissie went into the room, and Professor stayed outside for a moment.

"Let's start with the biggest, shall we....?"

Jeepers went forwards, ducking his head as he went through the doorway, also folding his extra limbs in.

It only took a couple of minutes and he came out, something around his neck saying "CLEAR".

My parents went in next, both coming out with the same thing.

Aero next, with the same thing around his neck. This surprised me considering how mean the creature had become.

I let Carla go before me, watching her come out with the same thing before being called in myself.

I stepped in. The room smelt... strange... But I paid no attention to the smell, it wasn't important.

Crissie was sat down next to a very large mat, a machine resting on her legs. A scan told me it was a "laptop".

She glanced at me.

"Seriously, Tam, stop growing already!!"

I smirked at her.

"I'm sorry, but I'm learning..."

Professor came in.

"Tamago, please lie down on the mat. Preferably where you're not going to be moving, and make yourself comfortable."

I did so, lying on my side, trying not to move as the mat began vibrating, and I stayed where I was. I listened to the humming of the mat, and after a minute or so, Crissie gave me the all clear.

I stood up and shook off my limbs, flexing them. Professor gave me one of those "CLEAR" things and put it around my neck.

He then guided me out, and I joined the others as Steve and Ellen went in.

Steve came out first, and Ellen took twice as long as the rest of us. There was a murmur of voices before she came out, with the same thing around her neck.

After another minute, Crissie came out with Professor, possessing one of the CLEAR things herself. Professor spoke to all of us.

"Crissie and Steve, I was hoping that you two could help me find rooms for our guests before we set up the B-N's. If we sort out who's taking who, we can do the job quicker."

Crissie took her pick first.

"I'll take Tam, Carla and Ellen."

Two two females and I went to her side. Steve chose his next.

"I'll have Aero, Jeepers and Ivan."

Professor ended up with my parents.

We all set off in different directions after coming to the junction, and I started to take in the smells of the place.

I could smell a slight smoking, but it was controlled in one of the far-off labs so I didn't worry. Overall the building smelt friendly. So had Professor.

Something was making my tail tingle, though...

The End

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