Get to the "OTHER" base safely, with no sign of ADVENT.

As we flew thorough the sky, nightime close on our tail, Aero and I took it in turns to quiz Ellen on her exsistence.

"You must have had parents at some stage, who gave birth to you?"

"Don't be so insenstive Aero! Did you ever know your parents Ellen?"

"I knew my daddy! But he used to work away all the time... I used to have a nanny! But when my daddy died there was noone to pay for her... So I lived in the cave!" The girl seemed to switch from happy to sad at a breakneck pace that made it difficult to react.

"So... Do you know who your daddy was?" Crissie seemed to be becoming fond of the little girl, so the rest of us listened quietly.

"Oh yes! He was very important! That's why he was away all the time... I'm not sure what he did. But he said it was really important and good! I think the place he worked was called Christmas... or something like that!"

"That's an... Interesting name for a company..." The little girl smiled up at Crissie and giggled, before giving an infectious yawn and falling asleep. The rest of us (bar the three elder dragons who were flying) soon followed suit.

When we awoke we had landed outside of a large blue building. It was huge, and looked like something from the futre. I heard Carla wake up behind me and she let out a little gasp.

"It's huge!"

"Isn't it! Home sweet home!" Steve seemed happy to be back at the OTHER base, a refreshing sight. He had been very reserved since he had learnt about the thing in his wrist.

"It most certainly is! Crissie put her arms round his neck and smiled.

"So this is the place! Looks like something from a sci-fi!"

Ivan lifted the still sleeping Ellen from Jeepers (or Nilakanta's, I wasn't sure which name would be the most appropriate) back and strode through the automatic metal doors.

I had expected that the base would be very high-tech, I had been expecting thousands of workers milling around with test tubes, like ADVENT. I had been incorrect in my assumptions. It looked very high-tech yes, but it was empty. The massive lobby was simply a very large, empty, room that was lined with metal.

As Steve and Crissie smiled the rest of us stood in stunned silence, not sure how to respond. Suddenly we heard footsteps echoeing from across the room. Eventually, after an agonizing period of anticipation, the strange old man made it over to us.

"Heeellllooooo! My name is Professer Professer!"

"Professer! Please allow me to introduce, Tamago, Carla, Orochi, Chosi, Jeepers, Ellen, Aero and Ivan."

"Yes! Yes indeed! This is quite possibly the most people I've ever had in this building... Yes indeed." As the professer mumbled he grabbed my wing and pulled it down to him, examining the fragile membrane. I allowed him, shooting a look of mock fear at Carla.

"Come with me." The old man was short, he had a bald head with two patches of whispy white hair clinging onto the side of his aged scalp. He also sported large thick glasses, but despite his comical appearance he commanded the attention of everyone in the room. He was a fascinating man.

"Good to see that you are back. Yes you are back. You are back with others. Well then, what to do now..."

The End

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