Take Ellen with us on our journey

Jeepers, having just curled up, lifted his head and gave the little human girl "Ellen" is glare before tucking his head back under his paw.

We all looked at the girl. She couldn't have been older than a decade, which according to my knowledge wasn't very old.

She was thin, but had long, tangled blonde hair that reached a long way down her back. She had a heart-shaped face, and her eyes were a light blue.

Crissie spoke up.

"Did you say this was your house..?"

"Yeah. What are you all doing in it?"

"Don't you have parents....?"

"No... I'm a orphan..."

"You said your name was Ellen, right?"

The young girl nodded. I spoke again, making contact with those that I'd come all this way with.

"She's seen us all... I don't think we can let her go... If she goes, she might blab about us, and then we'll never get away..."

Aero titled his head at me in a way that made it look to me like he was smirking.

"I hate to agree with you, dragon, but you might be right...  Can I do the honours....?"

Crissie looked at him sharply with a horrified look on her face, and Carla picked up what Crissie was going to say and said it for her, before Ellen heard what was going on.

"No, Aero! How could you say something like that?! Don't tell me ADVENT turned you into a psycho-griffin...."

"I suppose we'll have to take her with us..."

Jeepers had spoken that idea, lazily watching us with one eye.

"And I think we've stayed long enough..."

Robbie had stood up and stretched, and caught Ellen's attention. She came over, stretching a hand out.

"Hello, boy..."

He ignored her hand and nudged her face with his cold, wet nose. Her giggle made us all - apart from Aero - smile, especially as if echoed around the cave.

She had to stop and calm down before continuing.

"You're with a lot of strange animals, aren't you...?"

Crissie spoke up again.

"You don't know what these animals are....?"

"I know these two are dogs and that sleeping one over there is a cat... And there are quite a lot of people.. But I don't know the others..."

"Well, there's these four dragons - they're the ones with scales, and that one over there with the feathers and bird head is a griffin. He's... untamed, though, so I suggest you keep away from him...." She shot Aero a dark look, and he simply blinked back.

"What are you all doing here..?"

I decided to speak up, opening my mind to Ellen as well.

"We're hiding..."

She looked over to me.

"From what?"

"... It's a long story... And not a nice one at that..."

Carla spoke up.

"And we were thinking if you'd like to come with us to where we're headed..."

"Where's that?"

Steve spoke this time.

"We're trying to reach a friends' place... Maybe you could stay there for a while."

She smiled again.


He nodded.

"I'm sure they won't mind."

Ivan took his turn and spoke, standing up and stretching.

"Well. Let's get going then. Jeepers?"

The cat lifted his head at this, and blinked at Ivan, sending his next question only to us.

"You expect me to show my true form in front of this girl....?"

Ivan nodded. The cat stretched also, and slinked out, and we followed him out, the biggest going first.

When Ellen got out, her mouth fell open in surprise.

"The cat was one too?!"

Crissie shushed her.

"Yes. It's a power he has. Now come on, before we're found..."

We all managed to get onto Jeepers' back, Ellen sitting in front of Crissie to make sure she didn't fall. And we were off.

The End

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