Go with Crissie's idea, but get found by a young human later that day and be forced to leave.

I locked eyes with Aero. I was starting to dislike this griffin, but Carla seemed worried so I shook away the whining noise and spoke to Crissie before he had chance to anger me further.

"I like your plan, we shouldn't let them follow us..."

It seemed the rest shared my view. It was decided that we would stay on the beach until we were sure they'd lost us. Steve also seemed to realize that this was the best plan.

As we ate our 'rabbits' I relished the calm, I also realized that now would be the perfect time to ask some unanswered questions. I waited until the odd little cat had finished his meal before speaking so that the whole group could hear.


"I know. You want to ask me questions about my past. It is a long and painful story... Do you wish for me to share it?"

"I would certainly like to know." Ivan seemed firmer than usual, almost angry. I guess he was shocked to learn that Jeepers was a dragon, after all, he had been living with him. The cat took a deep breath the made his small body expand.

"Then I guess I should start at the beginning..."

~30 years ago~

Nilakanta paced the beach with a frown on his scaled face. He needed to stay here, he knew that those 'humans' wouldn't find him here... But the waiting drove him crazy nontheless...

As he paced he sunk into the soft sand, it stuck between his claws. The sensation was irritating, and irritation was the last thing he needed at the moment. With a relativly small growl he transformed into a fish and threw himself into the blue water, washing away the sand, and with it, some of the frustration.

Eventually the dragon swam back to the shore and turned back into his natural form, being able to transform into an animal was useful, but it used a lot of extra energy to stay that way. All of a sudden, as he looked across the turquise water a large red object became visable. Fearing one of those 'ADVENT' humans again, he became a dolphin and went to investigate.

When he reached the object he found that it wasn't an 'it' it was a 'she'. Vasuki was a truly beautiful sight to behold. She had a long tail, but unlike Nilakanta her body was short and she had unicorn-like horns sprouting from her skull as opposed to a mane. Her scales were red and her eyes glowed.

"Hello! I'm Vasuki!"

Nilakanta forgot about the humans for a moment and turned himself backinto a dragon, he had black scales that shimmered and his golden mane resisted the water.

"I'm Nilakanta, I'm a dragon too."

"I see that, should we make our way to shore Nilakanta?"

Her voice was gentle and charming. Nilakanta, who wasn't normally one to be instructed, found himself unable to disobey...

They returned to Nilakanta's cave and got better aquainted, Vasuki didn't seem to have any idea where she'd come from or why, all she could remember was swimming. She was horrified by Nilakanta's horror stories about ADVENT and their trecharous deeds. She was so shocked, in fact, that she didn't want to leave the beach. And so, Nilakanta and Vasuki lived in peace, away from human sight and mind.

One day, Nilakanta became a cat and set about hunting. He had a soft spot for rabbits, and it seemed they had a weak spot when it came to cats. But today, when he dragged his kill back to the cave he discovered that Vasuki wasn't alone...

"Hello cat!" A small, chubby, ginger human boy reached out to pet him. Nilakanta panicked and jumped away.

"HO HO HO! I'll call you Jeepers! You scardey-cat!" Vasuki giggled softly, causing the ruby that Nilakanta had found for her birthday to dance around her neck.

"I like that name!"  

The little boy's name was Ivan, and from that day on he came back everyday to visit the two dragons. (Vasuki didn't want to scare him, so Nilakanta always became a cat when he arrived.)

The three of them continued to live on in peace, Ivan and Vasuki continued to become close, and when Ivan was older she came to live with him, 'Jeepers' too of course. But all good things must come to an end. Vasuki had laid an egg. An egg which was no doubt Nilakanta's. She didn't want it to grow up in the urban city with Ivan, so she arranged for her and 'Jeepers' to go back to the beach, where Ivan could continue to visit. But things never go according to plan do they?

'Jeepers' was dragging his latest kill back to the cave, Vasuki had been tense lately, so he hoped this would please her. As he approached their home he heard a roar. Was the egg hatching? Rabbit forgotten the cat sprinted back towards the cave as fast as his furry feet would allow! What an amazing day! He ran straight up to the mouth of the cave In excitment.

The bluey crystals that lined his home were dotted with crimson. There were blackned humans eveywhere and Ivan was sat in the middle, sobbing like he was still the tiny child they had met all those years ago. But the reason that Nilakanta's mind began to bend, his mouth began to foam and his sanity washed away was due to none of these things. It was because of the crimson dragon laying perfectly still in a pool of her own blood, lacerations tearing her perfect scales and her beautiful eyes stoney and cold. It was because Vasuki was dead.

~1 year ago~

Jeepers sat in the study on Ivan's lap, as the man stroked his fur, making it more matted still, and spoke. The words were valid but Jeepers didn't really care what they said. He just drifted away into sleep.

"I miss her you know Jeepers. Vasuki. She was beautiful... She was my dragon. Do you remember her? Do you remember we used to go flying on her back? I still feel guilty Jeepers... If ADVENT hadn't followed me, if I hadn't trusted them... They told me they were vets Jeepers! And I believed them! It's my fault she's dead Jeepers. But you don't remember do you? You don't seem to remember anything from before. She used to speak to me, through her mind! Wasn't that amazing Jeepers? Did you ever hear her? I built this blimp to try and fil the void... Has it worked for you Jeepers? Because it hasn't worked for me..." 

At that stage he started to cry and Jeepers disliked the wet. So he merely slinked off, not knowing what a 'Vasuki' was or what it had to do with him, he allowed the man to weep alone.

~Present day~

"That is the story. Ask no more. I want to sleep now..."

"I think I will too..."

"Wait! How come you can turn back into a dragon again?" We all looked at Crissie. She could be thoughtless at times.

"I remembered."

Nilakanta... Looking at the little furry feline I didn't believe that he could have ever been a full-time dragon. But it must have been very painful for him to have grown to such a size. Carla's eyes had steamed over, she looked like she was about to cry.

"She must have been protecting her egg... She sounds so wonderful..."

"Who are you all?"

The little voice had come from the cave mouth. I looked up to see a tiny human walk nervously into the cave.

"My name's Ellen... And what are you doing in my house?"

The End

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