When we wake up someone is gone.

Carla and I slept side by side that night, and my dreams were peaceful.

It seemed like the best sleep I'd had, knowing the event of the last few days.

When the first strips of the dawn entered the cave, I opened my eyes and lifted my head, taking everyone in.

Everyone except Jeepers.

I scanned the cave quickly, and was just getting up when the cat reversed into the cave with the body of a strange furry creature. It had long ears and strong-looking back legs. It looked dead.

"That's because it is. It's called a "rabbit". This is breakfast for you and your girlfriend. I'm just about to go and get some more for the dogs, humans and... Eagle-creature."

I took the "rabbit" and noticed I'd grown yet a bit more as I took it over to Carla. I'd let her start it off.

"Thanks. Oh, and Carla isn't my "girlfriend"... Whatever one of those is..."

Jeepers wheezed with a smirk on his face, and I took him to be laughing.

"You still have much to learn then, young one. Anyway... More breakfast..."

I watched as he slinked out of the cave entrance, then headed over to the small stream at the back, quenching my thirst. I headed back over to Carla, who'd opened her eyes and moved the rabbit away from the humans, starting to feast on it.

I caught her eye, and she swallowed her mouthful, starting to move away. I stopped, but didn't take any.

"No, no, you have as much as you want. I can wait."

She smiled her thanks and carried on.

Jeepers returned with yet more rabbits as she finished and let me have some of the first.

By the time the humans woke up, all of us animals had eaten our fill.

Crissie didn't look so pleased at having to eat the rabbits left for them, but she gave in eventually, and soon Steve had lit a fire and put the rabbits on sticks found by Jeepers.

It was called "cooking", apparently.

After waiting for the humans to eat their fill, we started to decide what we were doing for the day.

Crissie had brought her mobile out of her pocket, found there was no reception and put it back in (my tail tingled like it had done in the moving ladder-box all those days ago as she did...) as she said that if they stayed there for the day, and lost any ADVENT's on their trail, they may be able to make contact with and make the journey to the nearest 'OTHER' base. (Which as of yet, I had heard no name for.)

On dragon-back, the journey would apparently take a few hours.

Steve suggested heading out now while there weren't very many people around, and Ivan countered that by saying that he'd be surprised.

Aero butted in, surprising us all.

"Well, it's really Tam's fault we're in this mess, so why doesn't HE make the choice? Either way, we're bound to see ADVENT again, sooner or later..."

I glared at the griffin, my emotions staying as calm as they could as Carla edged closer to me.

"Tam, don't attack him, he doesn't mean that... Really, it's ADVENT's fault for finding you in the first place... But then if they hadn't I wouldn't have met you, and I'd still be living a boring human life..."

All the memories from the start of my life started flooding back to me, and for some reason this angered me more.

"Yeah.... But, Carla, if you hadn't freed me, none of this would have happened..."

She stood up suddenly, eyes blazing.

"If I hadn't freed you, you probably wouldn't be alive by now!"

As I tried to think of something to say, I noticed a faint high-pitched whine ringing in my mind. Shaking my head cleared it, and shook off all feelings of anger.

"I'm sorry, Carla..."

She must have had the same noise as I watched her do the same. She smiled and nudged me.

"It's OK, I forgive you. I am, too. Now, what are we going to do....?"

I thought between Crissie and Steve's choices, and as I glanced at Aero, the faint whine started up again, and so did a new thought.

The End

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