Go and storm the room with Aero in it

I found the room where Aero's screech was loudest, and bashed my tail against the door, opening it so hard it bounced off the wall behind it.

Jeepers headed straight over to the controls while I went over to the barrier.

Aero saw me, and his beady eagles eyes watched me as he went quiet.

I took a closer look at them through the barrier, and saw with relief that they were back to yellow.

I hissed at him in a "Sshh!" kind of way, and he blinked. I took that to mean he understood.

We all cringed and cowered as the wailing noise started up again, the room flashing red once again.

I could hear running footsteps, and turned to the door, ready to attack.

Three humans in ADVENT uniform burst in, waving small death sticks in front of them.

I tilted my head as I picked up their scents. The uniforms smelt of ADVENT, but the humans inside didn't... Underneath they smelt like Crissie and her friend (the one I thought hostile inside the ladder-box...) did..

It seemed I could pick up the scents of whichever side the humans were on, if they were on a side.

And these were on the good side.

I sat down, and one of the humans - male - put his sleeve near to his mouth.

"C-1, we've located a large turquiose dragon, a griffin and a cat, over."

I heard Crissie's voice reply through the small device in his ear.

"Thanks, T-4, we've found the other two dragons, dogs, S-8 and I-1. Escort them to the entrance, over."

The other male headed over to the controls where Jeepers was, putting his death-stick away as he did so. Jeepers backed down to let the human at the buttons and things, and a few seconds later Aero stepped out, stretching out his wings as much as the room would allow him to.

T-4, if that was really his name, (Sounded like a code name...) came over to me, placing a hand on my snout.

Unlike with the earlier humans, I didn't feel a need to bite him, but I met his eyes. At least his eyes showed he was friendly, as had Crissie's.

"Hello, you're big, aren't you? I wonder how much you've learnt since you hatched... Don't worry, your parents and other friends are OK. Let's get you lot out of here."

The three turned and headed out, each keeping a lookout  at each doorway and corner.

Aero, Jeepers and I followed.

Something clicked into my mind. Crissie had only said "Two dragons", who I guessed were my parents... There was no mention of Carla...

She couldn't be....

I stopped and stiffened as I heard something from behind. Jeepers saw me and looked behind.

It had come beyond where our doorway was. I couldn't tell what it was exactly, but I knew it was either a dragon or a human... Or maybe both...

The humans carried on walking, unaware of us having stopped.

Aero went to head down and investigate, but I gentley caught his tail in my beak and kept him back, letting go and shaking my head when he looked back at me.

I had two thoughts, and I wasn't sure which one to pick....

The End

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