Sit where I am at the bars and wait for morning and for humans to come.

I moved in front of the bars and attempted to prise them open with my claws, they wouldn't budge even when I put my whole weight behind it. So I curled up by them and slept, trying to keep my mind off of Carla and the rest.

When I awoke I heard muffled voices from outside my cage, I tried to tune in to the thoughts of the people but for some reason when I tried a short, sharp pain peirced head. It was a pain unlike any I had felt before and it caused me to roar like a feral animal!

"Was that it?"

"Should we tell someone?"

"Maybe we should feed it?"

I was aware that they were now standing outside the cage but the pain was too intense for me to care. I ran my horns across the immoveable bars in an attempt to relieve the agony. My vision was now becoming blurred, and my head felt like it would burst with pain until all of a sudden it subsided...

I looked through the bars at the people and cautiously extended my mind again, only to find that the pain in my head flared up once more! I lowered my head and chirruped...

"It seems harmless..."

"Are you serious?! Have you seen it!"

"Well maybe it's just frightened..."

The man reached his hand through the bars and gently rested it on my forehead, I resisted the urge to bite him, I knew no good would come of it. The man seemed to grow in confidence and edged his way inside the cage. His friends followed suit.

"See? You're harmless aren't you?" He gently rubbed my head, I waited until they were closed in...

"Stupid beast!" One of the other men flicked my nose, what happened next happened quickly. I opened my jaws and bit down hard on his arm, I shook my head like a dog and the blood flowed from his arm until he laid still.

The other two backed up against the wall of the cage, fear painted across their faces. I lifted my front talon and disposed of them effortlessy. I considered eating them for a moment then pushed away such ugle thoughts, opening the unlocked door with my tail.

Lumbering out of the cage I reached out for my friends, I couldn't find anyone, but it wasn't painful anymore... It must have been something in that room. It seemed that these people had learned to tamper with my mind. Very conscious of this possibillity I made a mental note to keep my mind to itself.

As I walked down the familiar corridor I heard what sounded like an eagle! Aero! I wanted to try and comunicate with him, but I couldn't trust that they weren't tapping my thoughts. I stood still in the hallway and waited for some sign, anything that would give me an idea about what I should do now...


I felt Ivan collide with my tail. He was my sign?

"Tam have you found anyone else yet?"

As if on cue Aero screeched again. I had been planning to wait and see if anyone from ADVENT was guarding him and act accordingly, but Ivan had a different strategy.

"We're coming for you Aero!" I had to run to keep up with him as he shot towards the sound.

I reached a fork at the end of the corridor and realised that I had lost Ivan. Still struggling to keep my emotions under control I jumped when something soft brushed against my leg. Jeepers was back to normal! He didn't think to me, obviously he had worked out that they were in our minds too. So now it was just me and Jeepers. No sign of anyone else... What now?

The End

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