Get caught again by ADVENT

I relaxed, continuing to stroke Carla's neck with my tail, preventing her from twitching too much.

My own eyes were closing when I heard a loud, rapid, continuous buzz-like sound.

I looked around, and saw some flying machines, similar to the ones that came after us earlier, but these came from ADVENT... Tapping into Crissie's mind - who had just looked around - they were "helicopters".

When were they going to give up?!

I twisted sharply as I heard a screech behind me, followed by Crissie's voice.


I saw and watched as the young griffin's body plummeted towards the ground, but something was happening.

His extra limbs were growing, the feathers getting larger, along with his talons, tail, head and the rest of his body.

He turned in mid-air and gave a shrill screech as he swooped gracefully upward, barely scraping the grass below with his talons and tail-hairs.

I watched as he came towards us on Jeepers, and tensed, ready to fight. He wasn't going to hurt anyone vulnerable, especially not-

Wait, something was wrong. His eyes - yellow before, were now almost dark orange...

He suddenly swooped underneath Jeepers and the rest of us and collided with mother, his talons latching onto her extra limbs.

She gave a roaring screech of pain as Aero tried to get his beak gripped on one of her throat-scales. He failed but left scratches with each short attempt.

His sudden attack was cut short by my father, who swept in with a roar of anger, knocking the griffin off his mate with his own set of talons.

Jeepers started to go towards mother, whose once-beautiful... whatever they were...  were now covered with red and holes. Those talons had been sharp.

I knew that shouldn't have been enough to cause any fatal damage, but mother's eyes closed, starting to glaze over and she started falling.

Jeepers wouldn't have been fast enough, so I jumped off and folded my other limbs in, ready to grab and pull her up enough before she hit the ground.

I was about to reach her, when I felt several familiar sharp pains hit me.

My vision started to black out, and my muscles grew heavy, and this happened faster than it had happened the times before.

I managed to turn in mid-air, my back now facing the ground, and saw the faces of those who were on Jeepers. I heard all of their voices, but only one reached my mind.

'Tam! No!'

Dragon or not, I saw her face swim before my mind's eye as the last of my consciousness slipped away.



The floor was cold, so was the area around me.

So were the rings around my snout, legs, extra limbs and tail.

These I shook off easily as I gathered my bearings.

I was back in one of those cages. But I was the only one in the room.

A sliver of silvery-blue light seeped into the room, and I caused a shadow as I stepped into it, going up to the bars.

'Jeepers? Aero? Robbie? Whisper? Ivan? Crissie?? Steve?? Mama?? Papa?! ... Carla...?  Where are you? Anyone....?'

No-one answered. I guessed they were asleep, but other parts of me said differently...

'They've been captured...'

'They got away, and they're probably out of range...'

'They're... They can't be... Especially not....'

I didn't know which one to agree with. I also didn't know...

What to do...

The End

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