Fight impulse and get Carla out, but turn back around and watch Jeepers and Steve.

I dearly wanted to turn and watch the fight, but I needed to get Carla out of this terrible place, I slammed my tail into the barrier and it feel apart, shards of glass dissintergrating into little more than sand. She was gasping for air now and reached out to me with her neck.

"We have to go Carla!"

She didn't respond, she seemed weak and it scared me.

"Come on Carla! Please! Let's go!"

My plea seemed to have no affect on her so I realized I was going to have to carry her, I stood over her breathless body and wrapped my legs and arms around her before taking to the air with one beat of my strong wings. I hurtled through the wall toward the room that my parents were in.


"Carla's hurt! I don't know what's wrong but she seems..."

I pressed a nearby button with my tail and released my parents, they fell to the ground and looked over Carla. I relaxed for a moment, trusting that my parents could help her and finally acted on ipulse and watched the fight between Jeepers and Steve...

"You crazy ca-"

Jeepers continued to spit and hiss and writhe but there was something wrong...

"It can't be..."

His already sharp claws burst from his soft pads, which turned into long steely talons before my eyes! The sound I had heard earlier was rapeated, it was like a combinaion of a roar and a cat sound, it sounded like he was in pure agony as he swelled to triple his normal size!



The unstable cat leapt from his crouched position, huge wings bursting from his back, he flew into the air, fur shedding everywhere. The skin beneath his fluffiness was hard and a shiny black. Scales? Was Jeepers... My good friend turned his massive new body to face me, with a long white mane framing his (still cat-like) face to perfection. He snarled, long teeth bared and whiped his long studded tail across Steve's hands, knocking away the death stick.

"Jeepers!?" Steve sounded hoarse, his eyes were no longer blank, but filled with fear. Prehaps fear helped to numb the effect of the evil... thingy in his wrist!

"Jeepers stop!"

"Of course. I haven't actually done anything yet. I'm just so brilliantly frightening I've made you think I have."

He knelt to the ground on all fours and Steve climbed shakily onto his back. His wrist was no longer swollen.

"I forgive you Steve. Now the rest of you get on my back too. Let's leave!"

I didn't hesitate and joined Steve, Jeepers was huge! Bigger than my mother by a long way! He was about the size of the balloon on the 'blimp'!

I saw my parents through the hole I had created, they were joined by Crissie, Aero and the two dogs. (Where they had come from I don't know, I was just glad to see them!)

"Well are you coming?"

"Wow Tam, This aint Jeepers?!" Robbie climbed onto his spines next to me.

"Yes. I am me. (Your grammer is appaling...) Now, all of you board me, We will fly else where. Somewhere to recover. And I know you're there Ivan."

My father flew Carla down, she was sleeping peacefully now, we would see how she was in the morning. Ivan crept out into the open fro behind the pillar where he had been cowering.

"Jeepers... And Vasuki?!" It seemed this was too much for Ivan, his friendly face turned pale and he fell backwards, passed out on the ground.

"Uncle!" Crissie rushed over to help him up, Steve also helped to settle him on the back of 'new' Jeepers. I was stunned, as was everyone else, so we just sat in silence. Jeepers however had never seemed so animated!

"I remember now! It's so clear! But all that was so long ago... We must find somewhere safe to go! I swear I was smaller last time..."

"It's unbeliveable... I have never ridden a Dragon before!"  My father seemed to be recovering faster than the rest of us and joined in conversation with the ex-cat, leaving me with my thoughts.

I gripped the horn between Jeeper's ears as we flew, He was a dragon? I still couldn't believe it, this was all so surreal! Carla began to stir behind me, I turned my head and looked at the party of my friends behind me, Carla was laying across his spine, directly behind me, my parents were now flying either side of his head, keeping a lookout. Steve, Crissie, Aero and the dogs all straddled Jeeper's tail, trying to prevent the unconciouss Ivan from slipping.

I looked back at Carla, she was twitching in her sleep. Thank goodness we were out of that hell for now. I gently stroked her neck with my tail before settling down and sleeping as we soared through the sky... On a cat.

The End

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