Kill Tobias and find that Steve has betrayed us again

A deep growl started in my throat as I felt the sticky substance gathering inside me.

I released it, spitting with surprising accuracy and force.

Next thing Tobias knew, he'd been pinned against the barrier by the stuff, and moved his scared-wide eyes to look over his shoulder at me as I arched my tail-blade towards him, taking a few steps forwards.

I glanced at Carla as I neared her.

Her breathing was still restricted, and it made my heart swell with anger, confusion, and pain to see her like this. We'd been through a lot since she'd rescued me...

At least I knew what drew her to me, now, and why my mother - disapproving of humans as she seemed to be - had been so accepting of her, even with the burst of harshness earlier.

As the tip of my tail-blade reached the human's delicate throat, I looked back at him, and his eyes widen more, pupils nothing more than tiny dots behind those glasses. His breath came out now in small bursts, misting up layer after layer on the barrier as the tip dug ever-so-slightly into the flesh, drawing a spot of the red substance.

Within the next three seconds, it was over. As I watched his skin drain of colour, I felt something washing through me.

It was... incredible. I felt evil-happy... I felt like I was in control of anything and everything, I could do what I wanted and to whoever...

Is this what my father meant when he said that "the urge to kill grows too strong"...? Only I felt I could kill over and over again...

Even a click noise didn't get rid of the feeling. I turned my head and saw Steve, aiming a big death-stick at me.

I started to swing my tail back in his direction as I kept my eyes on him.

There was something wrong with him.

His eyes were glazed, he didn't seem to be under his own free will.

My eyes skimmed down and I saw his wrist - it was red-raw, but looked as though other humans had messed with it very recently.

If I could pin him down and just move my tail right...

I went to gather the stickiness inside of me. Steve's grip on the big stick tightening.

"Don't bother, dragon... By the time you've managed to gather up enough of the stuff you've covered my now-dead boss with, I will have pulled the trigger, and these bullets can pierce through your thick scales..."

I turned to him, having to move my tail so it was level with my head. All the feelings of control had left me by now, and I narrowed my eyes.

This was going to be difficult.

I heard a sudden hissing noise, and Steve looked down over his shoulder to find Jeepers looking up at him, hissing, teeth bared and claws out, along with back arched and fur standing on end.

"Don't you dare, Human Steve...! "

I saw him just blink. The cat secretly directed a thought at me.

'You get Carla out of there, and here, along with your parents and the other two humans and dogs. The other humans and dogs are waiting outside. I'll catch up.'

I hesitated before turning to the thing imprisioning Carla and taking Tobias's limp form off the barrier.

'If you say so...'

Steve was about to turn back to me when Jeepers made to jump at him, crouching low.

"What kind of animal are you, some kind of crazy cat?!"

I could sense Jeepers smirking.

"Why don't we find out....?"

I fought the impulse to look around as I heard the hissing go to a screeching to something... different...

The End

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