Just wait and see what happens- there's nothing I can do!

Whatever "Vasuki" meant, it didn't mean much to me right now. I had to calm Carla down!

Spreading out my wings, I managed to send a command loud enough for all the humans in the room to hear.

'We need to restrain her! Someone use one of those 'net' things! Quickly!'

When the humans of ADVENT failed to obey, too scared, I presumed, I felt something gathering inside me.

It was like some parts inside of me were coming together, I knew that whatever it was wanted to come out.

Carla was still roaring, mixed with screeches of fright, her slit-pupiled purple eyes wide, her limbs, head and tail thrashing around as she saw what she had become.

Her tail bashed against the walls, causing cracks as bits of the ceiling fell gradually.

Feeling unable to contain the substance inside of me, I squirmed a little then spat in Carla's direction.

For a split second it was a white ball of something, then it spread out and the instant it made contact with Carla, spread over and stretched slightly, forcing her to lie down, and stuck as it touched the floor.

Her snout  restricted, she resorted to whining, her shrill voice echoing around the room, and her eyes still wide.

I heard Aero chirp over the noise at me.

"You've got a webbing ability!"

I guessed what he meant was that the stuff I had just spat out and encase Carla in was "webbing" as I headed over and placed a paw on her snout, keeping it closed while I looked into her eyes.

'Carla, please, calm down... I don't know what's happened, but if you don't calm down, you'll hurt yourself and us.. And I can't bear to see you hurt...'

She blinked at me, and I watched her relax. She replied.

'I'm sorry, Tam... Can you get me out of this stuff...?'

I nodded and briefly touched my snout with hers before using my teeth to pull the webbing off, allowing her to move again.

She slowly stood up and observed each of the humans, cat, griffin and dogs that were watching. I noticed she was slightly smaller than me.

I wondered what knowlodge had helped her to grow to this size...And what she had been through...

It was Ivan that came forwards, kneeling down in front of Carla, and holding out his hand.


Carla tilted her head at him, and chirruped. I translated.

'Who's Vasuki?'

Ivan looked towards me instead.

"Vasuki was a dragon I'd found and raised, many, many years ago... Then she disappeared and I never saw her again..."

During this pause, Aero looked over to one of the ADVENT humans and let out a screech, and we all looked over in time to see the human lift up a small panel hidden in the wall by the door and press something inside it.

I cringed as I heard a wailing sound, and red lights flashed around us, but I guessed they were flashing in every room.

Robbie and Whisper had moved outside, either one looking down towards either end of the corridor, and Robbie barked to me.

"Get yourself and your friends out of here, kid! Whisp and me'll hold the humans off""

I passed this message onto all other allies, and we headed out.

What made me stop heading towards Whisper's corridor - where an EXIT was located just around the corner - was the sound of Mother and Papa. I turned and started running down Robbie's corridor, ignoring his calling after me.

"Hey, kid, where you goin'?!"


This voice I turned my head at. None of the humans or other animals had followed me - Except for Carla, who was catching up to me, keeping my speed to run alongside me.

'You didn't think I'd let you find your parents without me, did you?'

I watched her, and we locked eyes.


She titled her head at me, waiting. I stopped sharply, her just managing to stop beside me.

'Thanks, but I don't want anything to happen to you - or not more that's already happened...'

She reared her head, a smirk on her snout and her eyes flashing slightly.

'I'm mainly coming with you as I want to find out from "Tobias" why I'm like this.'

I sighed, bowing my head for a moment and thinking, looking back up into her eyes when I'd made a decision.

'Fine, you can come with me. But at the first signs of you getting hurt, I'm going to force you back to the others. Promise?'

'Yeah, I do, but why not let me stay with you? I'm sure a first attack won't kill me...'

'Well, because I... uh.. care about you. You saved me when you first saw me, so I want to return the favour by saving you and making sure they don't do anything more to you...'

She was quiet for a few moments, and took her turn in lowering her head before raising it and nodding.

'Alright, Tam, I promise. Let's go, then!'

We started to run again, me being directed by following the sound of my parents.

One other thought among all was running through my mind - Would we run into anything? And if so, who or what would we run into...?

The End

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