Get someone to carry Carla, try and escape but get caught, trapped and taken back to ADVENT.

I spoke to the people on my side so that Tobias couldn't hear me.

"Ivan, grab Carla and run. Steve, Crissie, and Aero go with them, Robbie and Whisper I want you two to go with them and... Do... Helpful things."

I looked around at my friends, it seemed they understood my plan, I thanked heaven they weren't stupid. They waited on tender hooks as Tobias continued his speech about ADVENT and OTHER and how Steve was a traitor and Carla was a monster but I drowned it out, all I was listening to at that stage were the thoughts of my friends. They were waiting for me to lead the way, even my father was looking to me for my signal. We waited.

Steve however couldn't stay quiet for long, I could feel the pain tearing at his wrist. He gave out a yell and the spell was broken.


My and my parents lurched forward at Tobias as the others scurried behind us running for safety, I was relieved as I saw my father's jet of flame engulf the evil human. This was now all over! We had won!

But then I heard quiet laughter coming from the ball of smoke. Leather. He must have been wearing it beneath his suit. For some reason his exposed face wasn't harmed either... Was the effect of leather that strong?

"Did you really think it would be that easy?" I gave a low growl in response, I noticed I was higher off the ground than before. That plan must have helped me grow.

A sickening though occured to me and I reached around for the others with my mind. Crissie, Ivan and Aero were being held by strong men, they were terrified and Crissie was shaking with tears. I managed to pick up the dogs as well, they had escaped alright. Robbie sent me his thoughts.

"This is a bit to intense for me pal, I'm gonna try and find Jeepers, he's useful."

I was glad they were safe but there were bigger issues in my mind. Where were Carla and Steve?! I reached for them with my mind.

"Carla?Steve? Carla! Carla please!"

To no avail. I began to get desperate, my mind was now wheeling in panic too much to communicate by mind alone, I tried to run to where they were but my mothers long, elegant body fell slumped in my way. I saw a small dart in the side of her neck, like the ones that put me to sleep so often. I looked to my father, he was tanged in a 'net'. I couldn't see Crissie or Ivan or Aero from my position. I had been naive to think we had won. My mind was racing with panic and fear when my vision became blurred, my thoughts began to slow and I realised I was being sent to sleep...


When I woke up I was in a white room. Something was bleeping but my eyes hurt to much to look around. I became aware that there was a very tight ring of metal holding my mouth closed, and that the same rings were holding my entire body still. I couldn't move and didn't want to, where was I? I saw some humans dressed in white moving around, muttering amongst themselves. I reached out for my friends.

I found Crissie first she was slumped on the floor not far from me, she was alive but unconcious. Ivan was nearby in a similar situation. Aero was no-where to be found, neither were Steve and Carla. I felt myself pass out once again...

When I next woke up it was dark, I assumed it was night time. I sensed that Carla and Ivan were awake now, but keeping quiet.

"Are you two ok?"

Ivan shook his head and looked at Crissie who was staring into space. A dark look was on her face and she began to murmer, half to herself.

"Steve joined them..."


"He told them if they stopped hurting him he would join them again. After you passed out me and Ivan were thrown in here and knocked out. You came in afterwards. I don't know where everyone else is..."

We all fell silent. Tears pricked my eyes, did Steve really do that?

"What happened to Carla?"

"Tobias took her."

We stayed in silence from that point on. I thought back to all the good times I had had with these people, Carla. This might have been a difficult journey, but there had been moments that made my heart pound with joy. It was these I thought back to now, now that it was all about to end. I barely registered the door opening until I heard the familiar voice.

"Guys it's me, I can explain." Steve slipped into the room with Aero, Jeepers, Robbie and Whisper. He pressed a button and the metal rings around me relinquished their grip.

"You betrayed us! How dare you?! You've been with them this whole time!"

"No Crissie! We were going to be captured and I though at least this way I could-"

"No! How do I know this isn't just a plan for another ambush?! What are you Steve, a quadruple agent?! You really scared me..."

Steve slipped his arm round her waist and drew her in closer to himself. I recoiled in horror at the sight before me! Oh no! He really was with them, and now he was trying to eat her face! Wait... Crissie didn't seem to be fighting back... Apparently I hadn't come to grips with these strange creatures called humans yet.

"I haaate to interupt but we should try and get out of here now..."

"Jeepers! You can talk?!"

"The answer to that question is so obvious I refuse to respond to it. Now listen. Carla is in a bad way. I'm not sure what's happening, (well it had to happen eventually) but the members of ADVENT are saying that 'it's too late'. Whatever it is we should go to her."

I nodded and we followed Jeepers quietly down the corridor until we reached a large room, filled with electricity and wires, I saw Carla, in the middle of a machine similar to the one my mother had been in before, she seemed to be in real pain. She was writhing and screaming and tearing at her clothes. Her skin seemed to be bubbling and turning red and her eyes looked... almost dragon like... I tried desperatly to reach her with my senses but the forcefield wouldn't let me.

"It's too late! Sir we just need to focus on containing her, we can't stop it!"

The employee's yell was suddenly drowned out by a huge roar! I felt the urge to respond, and was surprised when mine was equal to it in volume and pitch, nothing like my previous chirrup! The people in ADVENT were far to distracted by Carla to notice that we had escaped however.

Red scales began to appear on Carla's body, a tail sprouted at the end of her spine and five unicorn-like horns grew in a line on her skull, which was gradually changing shape! She struggled and the forcefield holding her shattered! She didn't seem to know where she was or what was happening, she was terrified and this made her a terrifying and dangerous creature. As the rest of the people stopped to watch I heard Ivan mutter under his breath...


The End

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