Land as planned and assess the damage

I kept watching as we landed slowly and gentley in a clearing near the burning building.

As we all cautiously stepped out of the 'contraction', as Ivan had referred to it as, I wrinkled my nose as the smells of charred wood, burnt brick, stone, and bodies mingled with the smell that matched what the death-sticks held.

I sensed the low growls coming from my parents. If anything bad emerged anywhere, we were ready to attack.

Steve and Crissie led the way, and we followed, me with my tail raised high to see if I could pick up traces of any survivors.

What I found I was picking up though, as we got closer, was the emotions of those inside before the... Ambush...?

Happiness... Little being having fun, and the bigger ones occasionally joining in, but being happy at watching.

The others were also happy as they chatted while they worked.

Then fear started as a siren sound rose up. There was panic as everyone rushed to get out, a few staying behind to see if they could find and rescue stragglers, but then fear as they were trapped among the flames, sadness as they heard the last cry of their little ones...

I shook my head to snap myself out of it, feeling tears running down my cheeks.

I was about to lower my tail when I picked something up.

A small but strong chirp of  "Help!"

I made a "Kurree!" sound to get the human's attention as I ran to the sound, finding a pile of rubble and starting to dig, quickly revealing a creature with a white-feathered head with a curved yellow beak, a furry body, talons on its two front paws (Its back paws were normal cat-like paws) and a tufted tail-end that looked like a water-droplet.

I heard Crissie's voice.

"It's Aero!"

The little creature - smaller than me - perked up at the voice, and I saw him ruffle his fur and feathers before revealing feathered extra limbs attached to his shoulder-blades.

I sensed his pain as one of them was bend at an akward angle.

Crissie noticed too and gentley picked him up, where he nudged her face like a cat. She smiled back.

"Oh Aero, you're hurt... Well, at least you're alive..."

I felt a flash of light in my mind. A growl started up in my throat as I turned my head to behind us all, and I knew who was walking up behind us. Crissie's smile faded.

"I'm surprised to see you still alive...  I thought you would have got back by the time we ambushed and would have got caught in this... Anyway, like what I've done with the place...?"

Tobias smirked behind his cold eyes, which were hidden behind his thin-rimmed glasses. He was wearing a thin, stripey suit, but thick boots, which I could smell was leather. Fire, teeth and claws wouldn't do anything to them...

He looked at all of us in turn, from us teeth-baring, snarling animals to the other humans, and I could almost hear his brain working as he thought up an excuse as to why he was here.

"I've come to take the girl and the dragons back, if you please..."

Ivan stepped forwards.

"Tell us what you want them for, and maybe we'll consider it." This drew a hiss from both me and Crissie, and a frightened look from Carla.

"Well... The dragons and the girl belong to us, in ADVENT"

"I can understand the dragons as being part of whatever 'experiment' may have taken place, or is, but why the girl?"

"We at ADVENT are her rightful own-... carers..."

I let out a disbelieving snort, ignoring the sparks that emitted, and spread out my extra limbs as I had done before.

'Carers, right... So then what were you saying to Steve when he was caught and talking to you a while ago...? "The girl won't hide her true form forever" ... He's betrayed  you yet again by not taking us back...'

He looked down at me and laughed.

"Well, for growing with... What was it...? "Experience and wisdom"... You're not doing very well, are you...?"

Carla spoke up.

"You call the fact that he's grown to half my size in just under a week  "not very well"...? You're the dumb one..."

"Well... In any case, he's mistaken. Steve hasn't betrayed me this time... He's betrayed you by leading us here so you'd all be cornered..."

I suddenly heard the bushes and braches around us rustling. He was right, we were. I heard Steve's voice and looked to him, and his frown of shock and puzzlement were genuine.

"I did no such thing..."

"Have you not noticed your wrist has swelled, dear Steven?"

I looked back to Tobias as I sensed Steve looking at his right wrist.

"You followed us..."

"Yes, Steven. It's an... I suppose you would call it an evil version of your Bio-Nano..."

"How dare you!"

Ivan was caught by surprise but managed to stop Crissie from lunging at Tobias, tears of anger in her eyes.

Behind me, something was starting to happen to Carla. I could sense her in pain, her hands were curled up into fists. At first I thought she had an Evil-Bio-Nano in her too, and they were causing her pain to get her to obey.

Tobias spoke up.

"Come on back with us, Carla... You need your medication..."

I growled loudly as I turned to move over to Carla.

Medication... For what...? What a lie...

As Carla went on her knees and squeezed her eyes shut tight, I had doubts.

Or wasn't it a lie....?

The End

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