Get ready to attack, but see it is Crissie bringing breakfast and relax.

"Goood morning!!!"

Crissie entered the room with a breakfast tray, laden with meat for me and some kind of bread for Carla. I relaxed my muscles and laid back down on the bed with my human. If Crissie was happy, we must be safe and so, content with my situation, I began to munch on the warm, tender meat she had delivered. Just as I was so relaxed and happy I sensed another human approaching, one I didn't recognise, and stood up on all fours between the door and Carla...


Before the boisterous man even had chance to enter the room I was there! I pounced onto his large belly, wings outstreched, and gripped onto him with my sharp fangs. I noticed that he was covered in the "leather" I was so fond of. And that he was laughing.

The big, loud, scary man gave a deep chortle and picked me up with both hands, holding me at an arms length, as if i were a mere kitten. I was rather humiliated...

"Harrr, Harrr!!! This one is fiesty Crissie!"

"Tam!" Carla ran and took me in her arms. No mean feat when you consider I was now half her size. Meanwhile Crissie spoke to the stranger.

"Uncle Ivan I'm so sorry! You just scared him a little I guess... You're not hurt are you?"

"Harrr, Harrr!!! Nothing of the sort! I've been bitten by my fair share of dragons young lady, why do you think I wear leather?!"

I was confused. Were my teeth inefective against my favorite "leather"?! I leapt from Carla's arms and tried to rip the stuff I had been scratching earlier. Sure enough, no matter how I tried I couldn't rip it.

"Umm... What are you doing Tam?"

I looked up at the people in the room who were staring at me in amusment.

"This isn't funny. Who is this man?"

"Tamago this is my Uncle Ivan. Uncle Ivan this is Tamago."


 I shrank back as he lent in to close to me and yelled my name. I used my senses though, and he posed no threat. Ivan was a very large human, and when he laughed or spoke in his booming voice his belly would jump up and down. He had long, matted ginger hair and a beard to match, which meant that you couldn't see very much of his face apart from his rotting teeth (most of which were missing.) And his eyes were hidden behind over-sized, darkly tinted goggles. Carla giggled softly and continued to stroke my back.

After I apologized to Ivan and finished breakfast I decided to explore, but the second I left the room I fell back in shock and wonder! We were flying! We were in a huge, flying building! I scuttled around the deck in amazment, the wind smoothing down my scales. I reached what I assumed to be the front of the flying...... thing, and looked up at it. It was like a large castle, with all manner of rooms and passage ways inside and out. I saw that the birds Ivan had been attacking us in were now perched, silent and unmoving, on one of the decks.

"This is called a blimp young Tam!"

I started as Ivan sat down next to me.

"How does this thing fly?!"

"It's a simple enough contraption! See that large balloon? The one that's made out of leather and shaped like a football? It keeps us up."

I was expecting a more scientific answer but was happy enough with the one I got. I continued to sit quietly with Ivan and watch all of my friends run about the decks until someone rather unexpected joined us. A rather unstable cat.

"Here, Jeepers, Jeepers, Jeepers!"

"Dragon... We meet again. And I find you in my  home. Talking with my slave."

"Awwww! Who's a gooooooood Jeepers?!"

"My name's Tamago. What are you doing here?! And on that note where are we going?!"

"We're heading to the OTHER base. This is my home. I live here with the slave that is now drooling and cooing over me like some kind of cat pervert. He is Crissie's uncle and raised her. He built this machine after his dragon died... She was killed by ADVENT. They wanted her power, she wouldn't give it to them. Am I being clear enough?"

I nodded, grim-faced. Ivan had had a dragon?

"Great, well there's something you should know about his dragon. She-"

We were interrupted by a shout from a crew member.

"Oh my god!"

Ivan let go of 'Jeepers' as everyone else ran out to join us on the deck. I scrambled up the side and looked at the scene. Steve stood behind me and let out a gasp. It was the OTHER base. And it was on fire.

We stood there for what felt like an age. Watching the raging inferno helplessly from the sky. Carla gathered me back up in her arms and my parents gathered around us all. My mother took it upon herself to explain to the frantic dogs what was happening out of their eyeline. Steve and Ivan stood there in horror, their arms around Crissie. We were at a complete loss as Jeepers slipped silently back below deck. Steve voiced what we were all thinking.

"This is ADVENT."

The End

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