Finish talking to the other three animals and wait for Steve, then turn to Carla and repeat all of what I heard.

When I finished my conversation with the others they were all left completey dumbstruck. Even my cool as ice mother looked stunned! I had been deliberatly avoiding Carla's gaze this whole time, I couldn't see the look but I could feel it burning into the back of my head.

"Steve!" Crissies's yell sent all of the others rushing over to ensure that he was ok, leaving me and my precious little human alone for a moment. I was uncomfortable, as there was no way I could ignore her now.

"Drag- I mean.. Tamago?"

I continued to look away. I felt so cruel to ignore her innocent and shaking voice but I couldn't bring myself to tell her what I'd heard.

"Tamago... Please don't do this..."

I couldn't keep ignoring her anymore... We had been through to much together for me to treat her that way. I turned to Carla.

"It's a very long story..."

"We have time."

We both looked at each other for a moment before I gave in. I explained everything I had just told to the other animals to Carla. As the story went on I could sense her grow more and more frightened. She didn't speak once throughout my tale and at the end her voice was hoarse.

"So am I..."

She was interuppted by the rest of the group all tumbling back toward us.

"Hi everyone!" Steve had his arm round Crissie, he was trying to sound confident and triumphent, but only Crissie fell for it. The rest of us knew the truth. As she gushed about how brave he was he shot me and Carla a dark look.

"Thank you for rescuing my mate. I will happily assist you in your missions, now we should head back to your base, where is it?"

My father's strong calm voice helped to relax us and cut through the tension in the air. I felt Carla stroke my back gently.

"Hang on you've grown Tamago!" I realised she was right, my size had doubled from the day I was hatched, even though it wasn't long ago.. My mother solved the mystery.

"We dragons do not age as you people do. We are complex beasts, we age, not with years or days, but with expeirience. As a dragon grows wiser, it's size will also increase."

"Wow..." I could sense that Carla felt slightly foolish...

"Of course a mere human wouldn't understand... Unless you claim that there is more to you?"

My mother looked at her, almost accusingly for a moment before I stood between her and Carla and spoke only to my mother.

"Mother that's enough!"

She turned her attention to me and her previously cold stare turned soft. She reached down and rubbed her snout against mine.

"I'm sorry. You're obviously affectionate to this human, I won't be so harsh. Well lets go shall we?"

The rest of us heard the last bit and the still giddy Crissie spurred into action.

"She's right lets go!"

With that we all loaded into the two larger dragons. Steve and Crissie were able to mount my father and the two dogs, me and Carla sat astride mother.

We headed towards our eastern base, with Steve offering directions and the rest of us in hot pursuit.. I tried to keep my mind off of everything I had heard that day and found the only way to do so was to sleep.

After we were a good few miles away I woke up to find the stars were out. Carla slept peacefully behind me, all of a sudden, as I rose my tail to sense for the others I felt something else. Something that made me very, very afraid.

The next I knew I could hear the voices of other humans behing me! They were not riding a dragon, but a large bird. They didn't seem to be ADVENT though, they were too chaotic, there was no planning, but there was no dening the humans behind us were dangerous.

I alerted my mother as metal balls began to glide over our head accompanied by the same frightening sound I had heard from the death sticks before. What were we going to do now?!

The End

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