stop and try to think of a loigical plan to rescue him and escape.

My mother looked towards Carla as she stood there, eyes wide and mouth open in amazement, and growled.

'First of all, young female, let me tell you my young one's name is not "Dragon", but "Tamago".

Second... From sensing your's and Tamago's recent events, you two are rather close... Normally our kind would not permit humans to be so bonded with creatures like us...  But as Tamago seems friendly with you, I will follow his lead.'

I translated quickly and Carla began to calm, having taken a step back from my mother's frightning sound.

"Thanks, I'm sorry... My name's Carla..."

Crissie spoke up.

"And I'm Crissie. We're friends of... uh..."

I saw Carla mouth "Tamago!" at her, but Crissie didn't get a chance to repeat before the female dog barked at me.

"Come on, we have to go! I'll take you to your Steve friend. Robbie-" She indicated my first dog-friend.  "will lead your mother out of here."

We all stepped outside and split paths - Robbie going off with mother while the female dog lead us down a group of corridors before stopping at a corner, indicating only I should follow.

As we crept up to the dark-oak double doors, my tail raised and I found myself using Steve's eyes and ears.

His vision was clearing, he must have been waking up from being knocked out.

The room around him was bright, and there were guards all around him. There was a man in a suit sitting at the other end of a long table, and I felt my claws scrape the ground as he watched Steve lift his head.

I didn't like this new man, and I felt anger running through my scales as he spoke. He had a calm voice yet I could sense hosility hidden within it.

"Well, now, Steven... So nice to see you again..."

"Since when have you been boss of this place, Tobias?"

"Since the last one was killed in an attempt to retrieve both subjects and bring them back here... We all know they shouldn't be in contact..."

I frowned in puzzlement. "both subjects"....? What did that mean...?

Steve was speaking again.

"I don't know what you're talking about, but you know that I left you lot years ago to join the other group..."

"Ah yes, the other group. The one that believes in helping the world by secretly sending their magic lizard to deal with those who would harm other innocents... Do they really think that would go unquestioned if humans started disappearing off the face of the Earth...? They'd want to know what was happening, and that would make you go out of control trying to keep him hidden... Not to mention the father that's just escaped. Good thing the mother is still here... But too bad she won't last much longer..."

"What would you do with him then? One of the only ones of his kind, excluding his parents?"

"Well... We're already doing well, as you should know. You got a call about a dragon before the father appeared, did you not? And all you found was the little one. Or - did you get a call about something other than a dragon...?"

Steve stayed silent. I listened to a faint memory playing in his mind - "There's two creatures somewhere around here... You go down the Sub..." - before I saw "Tobias" smirk before carrying on.

"I suppose we'll let you go back to your friends now... But breathe one word of this and... Well, I'm sure you can guess..."

I felt anger course through Steve's body this time.

"Harm a hair on her..."

"And if you come for vengance, the only thing you'll come to find is that you're a dragon's lunch..."

He turned his head and watched as one of the people in suits came over and unlocked the metal things around his wrists, then stood up and started to walk towards the door, the person's hand on his shoulder. They started to open the door for him.

My new friend and I started to back off from the door, ready to run as - Steve turning to glance at Tobias and see him looking at his watch - Tobias called to him, and his voice coming out through the crack in the doorway.

"Remember, Steven... The girl won't hide her true form forever... Try and get her and that lizard back to us unharmed... Or I WILL hurt your Crissie..."

The female dog started to lead us quickly but quietly the same route that Robbie and mother had taken a few minutes ago as I lowered my tail.

My mind was spinning. Just what was all that about...? What had they been talking about?

I saw Carla sneak a glance at me, her eyes filled with shock, and lifted my tail to hear her thought.

'I'm...not who I seem to be...? There's another form of me...?'

My head started hurting with everything that had happened within the past few minutes. I tried not to think as I saw both my parents and Robbie, and ran faster to join them and stopped in the trees with them, Carla and Crissie and the two dogs and waited for Steve to appear.

I tried to ignore the look that Carla was giving me. I could read it too well, but I didn't want to say anything... I joined my parents and chirruped quietly to them and Robbie, telling them everything that had just happened while the female kept an eye out.

I was glad Carla and Crissie couldn't understand us.

The End

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