While Carla goes and reports the death of her father, I stand watch at the desk for any humans coming by. "Crissie" finds the room hiding Mother while "Steve" gets caught.

Ok so at least we were safe for the moment. I heard Steve squeeze through the gate after me. Suddenly, as he stepped into the corridor I heard a high pitched squeal and the whole building was flashing red!

"Oh why didn't I think of this sooner!"

Steve seemed to be in pain. He kicked the walls and pulled out another one of those death machines.

"Go dragon, try to help Crissie! This has all gone horribly wrong..."

I was frightened, confused, and didn't need to be asked twice, I scrambled through the crack in the wall I had used earlier. I came out in the same room and was greeted by an unfamilier female dog. I lifted my wings trying to look big, and hissed cautiously.

"It's ok little'un! I know where your people all are, I know where your parents are and I'm a friend of your friend the dog. Basically I've got you sorted!"

I lowered myself a little. I would normally be more cautious but all of the frightening sounds coming from the building had really thrown me off. I asked the female dog about my friends individually.


"In the interegation room. They arrested her after Steve the idiot triggered an alarm."


"Fighting against them in the room you just left."


"In the room your mother is held in. She is being protected by her. The rest of the humans don't know that she's here."

Satisfied with the information I began to walk toward the door.

"That's the room where your mother and Crissie are." Said the female dog, eager to be of more use.

I continued on, leaving he behind, before entering a very strange, very clean, very metallic room. In the middle of it was a huge machine. Crissie was on the floor tapping around the base of it, appparently trying to prise it open.

I walked up to the machine and pressed my nose up against it. It was made of the same kind of force field I had seen earlier in the moving machine on the ladders. I chirruped, because inside the machine was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen, in my rather short life. She was massive, with shimmering turquise scales covering her body. Unlike me and my father, she had no extra appendages on her back, just two claws at the front of her body, with sharp talons. Her head was covered in a feathery blood red plumage which went right down her back, much like my scales did, and ended in a brush at the tip of her tail. On top of her head were two antlers and her eyes were stunning. She was like no dragon I had seen before. (Not that I'd seen many.)

"Hello my son."


"Yes it's me!"

I chirruped, banging my nose on the cold force field.

"Done it!" Crissie exclaimed as she steped back from the machine. As my mother steped out of the force field her elegant long tail, which had been coiled up in the small space, stretched out behind her. Me and Crissie were in awe.

Suddenly though the mood changed. We heard barking as my friend-dog and the female dog burst into the room.

"You had best run dragons. Carla just got free but now they've got Steve, and it's not looking good for him! We need a plan now!"

I quickly translated for Crissie before Carla burst in.

"Drag-" She stopped as she clapped eyes on my mother. But this wasn't the time to stand and gawp! We needed to rescue Steve and go! But how?

The End

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