Wake my father and get him to take us to the base imediatly whilst they are weak

I kept my wings where they were, and spoke again.

'We're not in the best place to stay, other humans will see him then we'll never get to do anything.... I guess to get him to come with us, we'll have to go get my mother...'

Carla put a hand on the ridge on my back, and smiled again.

"I guess we'll wake him up and make up a way to find and get her out, then."

I turned back to the bigger dragon, making a Creeyuu noise, and he opened his eyes and lifted his head, looking at us.

He moved his wings into the position they were before.

'What is your decision?'

"Steve" spoke up.

"We... Um... We've decided to go and get the little one's mother, first, before we head back to our base..."

He stood up, towering over us as before as something like a smile appeared.

'I'm glad to hear that. I think it best we go without this.... box.'

I looked up at him.

'This box is called a van, papa.'

He looked back at me for a moment.

'Van, then. We'd best go on foot. You can ride me, and I'll take you the route I came, where no other humans will see us.'

He lowered his head, and we all started to go over. As we drew closer, I was amazed at the jagged crest showing between his magnificent royal blue horns.

I took a seat where I could look out over the lowest point of the crest, and rested my head in the gap. Carla sat behind me, holding onto the two closest high points she could reach. I could smell her excitement as she whispered.

"This is gonna be fun..." A grin settled over her face.

"Steve" and "Crissie" climbed on behind us, each holding onto one of the horns, and Papa stood up, turning and headed in the direction of the route he had mentioned.

I felt like I was flying. There was a breeze in our faces, and we shut our eyes and I smiled.

But it didn't last too long. All too soon he'd slowed down to a stop, lowering his head while hiding between the trees and letting us look.

There were many of the same familar humans around, but I was calmed by another familiar scent.

We all climbed down, and I could suddenly smell fear emitting from the three humans. "Crissie" looked to Papa.

"So now what?"

He looked at her while the others listened.

'I was just thinking that maybe if my son distracted as many of the humans as he could, you three could sneak in, split up and search. ...What I can't think of is how we're going to communicate with eachother if one of you finds her or gets into trouble...'

"Steve" brought some little boxes out of his suit and handed them around, keeping one for himself.

"I guess, as codes, I'm "S", Crissie is "C" and..." He looked at Carla, who took her turn to reply as she took her box.

"My name's Carla."

"So I guess you'll be "C-2"."

Something clicked into my mind.

'I hate to interrupt but I've just had a thought...'

All four pairs of eyes looked to me.

'Carla here said she was the daughter of the boss of this place, didn't you?'

She nodded, frowning, then gave an exclamation of understanding.

"Oh! You think I could go in there and distract some with the news of my dad...? To buy some time?"

I nodded, and her eyes widened, along with the other humans. "Crissie" spoke again.

"Wow, you're clever-er than you look, little one..."

I couldn't help feeling proud of myself and enjoyed the moment.

The moment faded fast when I heard a familiar sound, heading out of the trees to go towards it. I sent a message to Carla not to stop me as I set off.

I got to the fence and the sound stopped. I ran up as I recognised the "dog" that had helped us escape only a few days ago.

The big blacky-bown beast wagged it's tail and started to lick my face.

'I knew you'd come back, kid... But the question is WHY are you back?'

I explained that I'd come with my father - he didn't seem surprised at this - and the other humans, and that we'd need him to distract the outside humans again.

'Sure, kid, I'll do that for you. I had fun the last time... Until...'

I looked around for the other dog, and realised what must have happened.

'I'm sorry...'

'Nah, kid, don't be. But when what you came to do is done, that's two favours you owe me in return...'

I looked at the hard, cold, black fence, and thought.

'Do you... do you like being here...?'

He copied me.

'No, not really... They don't really treat us well so it's no wonder we'd go after intruders so eagerly...'

'Well, how about - instead of two seperate favours, you have the one big one - freedom?'

He nodded and headed away.

'Sure thing, kid. Just give me a signal when....'

'My papa'll let you know...'

I headed back to them and explained what had just been said. Papa looked genuinly surprised.

'You have the power to talk to animals...That's your mother's power... That's VERY unique, among others...'

'I guess he'll let me know when mother's been found, then...'

Papa seemed to smirk.

'You won't be able to miss her coming out, trust me...'

Carla spoke up.

"Standing here and chatting won't get us anywhere..." She slipped her box into her coat pocket.

"Let's go."

The three humans headed towards the entrance, and I poked my head into sight of the friend-dog and nodded, vanishing as he started barking in our direction.

I slipped away to join the humans as I knew dad would keep them distracted.

Sure enough, when I got to the humans, "Steve" was prising the gate open, and I sneaked through, heading towards the crack I'd used before to check the coast was clear.

It was. There were no humans in sight or smell, or in mind-sensing range. The three came in through the front doors, carefully shutting them, and split up.

The search was on.

The End

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