Pursade Papa to live in secret alongside these humans, maybe even helping me on some missions.


"My child?"

I looked up at Carla. She seemed to be leaking again, despite her smile.

"It's ok. If you want to go..."

I smiled and chirupped up at her. I then used my mind to comunicate with everyone at once.

"I wish to stay and help the humans."

'Crissie' and 'Steve' seemed to relax and Carla stopped leaking.

"Wow are you sure?!"

"My son..."

I spoke once again.

"I also wish for my father to do the same. He is a fully grown dragon, he would be of far more use, and he can remain concealed in the 'lab'."

The group of humans exchanged looks before my father spoke with them.

"I will glady accept the humans kind offer to care for me and my son." (The humans seemed rather taken aback and looked at each other strangly.)

"Unless you wish to disobey me and my son?"

As my father said that he spat a small burst of flame from his mouth! How did he do that?! The humans all jumped back with fear, even Carla tensed and stopped stroking me for a moment. Eventually 'Steve' spoke up.

"W-well... umm... I-I guess we should be going then...?"

"Before I graciously accept your offer there is one misson you must first complete." Said my father, apparenty not overly concerned with his recent fiery feat.

"And what might that be?" Asked Crissie.

"My mate. The young one's mother. There is a base to the west being run by the same people that were attempting to capture you earlier, she is being held there. I refuse to do anything without her and so I humbly ask that you and the rest of your humans go there and rescue her, I will lead the way. Please inform me when you are ready to go." And with that my father curled up and slept with his head on his paws.

The humans and Carla all huddled round in a small circle, and began to speak in hushed tones.

"We never agreed to have this older dragon and entering into ADVENT terrority would be suicide! I say we leave the older dragon, we went out to get this one and now we have him, lets just leave it at that!"

"Crissie didn't you see that fireball!!! Think of what we could accomplish with power like that! Besides using two dragons we could defeat ADVENT once and for all!"

Carla then spoke up, her little child like voice somehow silencing the two adults.

"My father ran the western division of ADVENT. They have two fully grown dragons at their western base, under the assumption that one of those was my dragon's father, there is one left and their strength is down now my father is dead. I say we go in while they're weak, rescue the female, bring all three of them back to base and then using them we can destroy the other three ADVENT head quarters and retrieve any dragons kept there, whilst bringing them down at the same time." She was already settled right in.

Crissie and Steve stood there in complete shock for a moment.

"Ok then!"

I had no idea who or what ADVENT was, what they were doing or why it was bad, but apparently we needed to bring them down and now we had a plan thanks to my clever Carla! But what should we do first?

The End

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