Whimper back. This creature seems so familiar...

I let out a whimper in response, and inched closer, bowing my head. The other creature brought his snout closer, and I stopped as it touched, it's warm breath flowing over my face and head, something falling from his eye and splashing my cheek.
He stopped and I watched him look the three humans over while images appeared in my mind, and I made a small "Ruuah" sound back.
He raised his head, watching us all, and did the same motions with his larger extra limbs as I was doing a few minutes ago. I - along, I guessed, with the others - heard his strong yet fearsome voice echoing in my mind. In fear and in protecting, I backed off to Carla again.
'I thank you, youngest female, for looking after my son. I would have come sooner, but after his mother and I were captured years ago, when his egg had been released... I've only just escaped from that place after sensing that he had learnt his powers within a few days of birth... For a young one of our kind, that is exceedingly rare...'
He looked at me for a moment.
'Well done for finding a friend so quickly. Without her, you would not be here now...'
I chirruped a question in his direction. He bowed his head, half-closing his eyes as he answered.
'Your mother... When we'd been found and captured while trying to protect the place we'd hidden you, this species, these... humans performed "experiments" on her... She...'
Carla spoke up, speaking to me.
"That's what I was protecting you from, Dragon."
Papa spoke again.
'And I thank you for doing so. We majestic creatures live for years, and we live our best if we have something to live for. If everything we hold dear is taken away... Every other species, then our own, suffer greatly...'
He looked to "Steve", who tried and failed to back up in fear, eyes growing wide. Papa's eyes kept to "Steve" 's face, and I watched as they started appearing cloudy, narrowing as they did so.
Eventually he blinked, and his voice filled our heads again.
'So... I understand, "Steve" that you and this older female are part of a group of humans that wish to use my son for "tests" before you decide what you can do with him. I understand that you're hoping to use him for good, unlike the other humans that were chasing these two before, who were planning to use him to harm others...'
"Steve" nodded, seeming to relax but fear still wavered in his eyes. I looked back to Papa and chirruped another question, and he looked back at me.
'Why don't you ask "Crissie" what they were hoping to use you for...?'
I looked towards her instead.
"Well... We use advanced technology, but we don't have anyone to test it, like spy equipment. So, we heard about you and thought maybe you could help us. Like, be our eyes and ears, help us save lives by stopping those who wish to harm others who are innocent... If you understand..."
I nodded and chirruped, Papa translating.
'But then wouldn't he have to kill to stop the harmful humans...?'
Crissie nodded, looking between me and him while Carla and Steve watched us all as we took our turns to speak.
"Yes, he probably will. But won't that help, in a way...?"
Her eyes rested on Papa, and his eyes locked with hers, going cloudy again before he blinked, clearing them then explaining.
'Yes. As young dragons grow, their urge to kill grows too strong sometimes, so when that happens, going on a mission where he'd have to kill to stop would help lower that urge. And I'm sure he wouldn't go to kill unless the human wasn't responding to the mind-commands like the ones he gave earlier.'
Carla spoke up.
"But... How would you know he wouldn't go on a killing spree...?"
Crissie replyed.
"One of our devices is a multi-functional Bio-Nano. It can latch onto a piece of skin, say, and camoflauge with it. Yet it can record sounds and images, then replay those sounds or images. And if the person or being wearing it does something that is registered to be wrong in the Bio-Nano's programming, it can produce a shock strong enough to notice, and hopefully change that being's mind about whatever he/she/it were about to do. But... once it's attached... It can't come off until the wearer is dead..."
I'd listened and only understood half of what she said, but I assumed I would find out when I got to where-ever they worked... if I wanted to.
I looked to Papa as he spoke again.
'The choice is your's though, son. If you want to stay and help the humans, you may, or you can come spend the rest of the next few hundred years with me...'
I looked between him and the humans, leaving Carla until last. She hugged me tightly, and I licked her face, partly cleaning it for her.
I knew it was a tough choice... I'd found my papa, but I didn't want to leave Carla...

The End

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