Don't answer but keep trying to wake Carla up.

I turned to this kind and nice smelling lady. However my priority was to wake Carla up. I turned around and began to nudge Carla with my snout.

"Cahra, Cahra!" I chirped, hoping that talking like a "human" would help.

Suddenly she beagn to stir. She opend her eyes and turned to me and smiled. "Hey little dragon," she said smiling. Her voice was weak though. I had to protect her. I turned to the lady and chirped, bobbing my snout up and down. She opned her mouth to speak when I heard a screeching sound. I gazed behind the lady and saw two big black boxes. I growled as ten male humans with black...stuff on came out, holding long, shiny sticks of death. I scratched my nose, revolted by those death sticks. They pointed them at me when one human approached the lady.

"Agent Carisse, we're here to offer our assistance in catching the..." The black man stopped and stared at me. He lowered his gun. "This is the dragon?"

"I know Steve," the lady Carisse said. She stood up and turned to face the man. I growled but kept attentive, they were talking aobut me. "He's not a full-grown specimen, but nonetheless a specimen. We need to study this thing Steve."

"I suppose that..." Suddenly the "Steve" human stopped. I cocked my head in confusion while Carla ran her hand across me. But she felt nervous, scared even.

"Steve what is it?" Carisse asked. The human "Steve" picked up some strange and small box thing and out it near his mouth.

"This is unit 29 to units 27 and 32 over," he said into the box thing. I cocked my head again and croaked. I then curled up closer nearer to Carla as the man stared at me in horror. "What do you mean its coming?"

I stretched my head closer as I heard what was happening. It was loud and chaotic sounding, with loud banging sounds and a sound that surprised me the most. It was a roar like mine, but louder and fiercer. I felt Carla gasp.

"You mean there's..." Carla began.

Carisse stared at me, then at Carla. "There's another dragon out there and it's coming straight towards us!" she exclaimed. She then turned to her black covered friends. "Get those two in the van now!"

Steve nodded before grabbing Carla by her hands. She let out a small scream. Noone harms my friend! I growled and bit hard into the man's amr, but instead of warm wet stuff, all i flet was hard yucky stuff.

"Please don't do that little guy," Steve said. he lifted Carla and me, still haing onto his arm and ran inside the box or "van". The lady went to the front of the "van". Then the door closed, and we started moving. I released my hold on Steve and bounded towards Carla. I chuuruped and rubbed my head on her lap. She smiled at me before turning to Steve."

"This dragon, how close is he?"

Steve turned to his littel box thing. "Unit 27 and 32 report." However, all we heard was a static cackling sound. Steve grinded his teeth and repeated what he said. Suddenly we heard a panicky voice.

"Oh my god! It got all of us. Nothing's working. It's getting closer! No get away, get awa-" Suddenly the male voice gave a blood curdling scream. My eyes widened as I heard the familiar roar again. Then it went all staticky sounding. The man Steve scratched his head

"This can't get any worse."

Suddenly our "van" came to a halt. We were sent flying into the walls of the "van". I heard Carla sccream. i tunred my head to the ceiling and growled. I'm going to protect her. She's not going to leave my sight again! But when I looked up, I opened my jaws in astonishment. Staring straight at us was...another creature like me. Only larger. it had same scales as me but really big wings, really bigger and sharper teeth and big blue eyes. It roared and glared at the humans. I let out a growl when it turned to me. It didn't look like it was going to eat me. Actually it looked like it was going to cry? It let out a small currahh sound, and stared at me.

"My child"

  I stared at the creature. "My child?" I looked at this big version of me, then at Steve, then at Carla. What should i do?

The End

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