We wake up surrounded by police

I heard the screech of the cat as it scarpered, the heavy rumble and thunder of running footsteps coming down towards us, and woke up sharply, looking around as my eyes cleared of the sleep.
Humans - more than I could count - were running over to each side of us, all with barriers and the same death machines as the 'laboratory' humans.
Despite my pain I struggled to my paws, trying to keep my injured paw on the ground. I had to bare my teeth to bear the pain as I looked around.
All the death machines were pointed in our direction, and there was no way out. Looking towards Carla I tried to wake her up by chirping, as I could sense that by moving, those machines would attack.
Seeing she was too deep asleep to respond, I turned back to the humans and felt my extra limbs spreading up and out, and knew by instinct I was trying to seem bigger than I really was.
As I looked towards where the one of the humans' eyes would be, I could hear his voice in my head, faint but clear...
'What is that thing...? And whatever's gone on here, these two must have been the cause... Why's it staring at me...?'
I could feel some sort of sense of power coursing through me, but centuring around the mind I had linked with. It felt like it had done before when I had got Carla to think of coming here to the city in the first place, but I knew I was going to think of something else.
'Lower your machine and back off from me and my friend...' I narrowed my eyes in concentration as I watched this happen, slowly as he tried to fight the thought-commands, but surely.
This gave enough of a distracted for the other humans to look at him turn and run in terror of his own free will as my extra limbs suddenly lowered back flattened out, as though sending waves around either side of me.
I knew subconsciously I had sent the same command to every other human, - not including Carla - and watched with a slight smirk appearing on my face as they all scattered, running away the way they came.
It was when the area was clear and my limbs had folded around me that the cat peeked out from it's hiding place.
'Good work, dragon... Seems you have more powers than you realise...'
It started to slink over before stopping abruptly, back arched and fur bristling, and I wondered what I'd done. But I too turned swiftly when I heard a noise behind me, forgetting the injury before feeling it shooting through me again, and lost my balance while watching where the noise had come from.
A female - similar to the one from the small moving ladder-box I had been in earlier - emerged from a hidden spot in the shadows and started to approach, looking around.
Before she could reach us, one of my limbs waved in her direction as it had done with the other humans just a moment ago.
'Who are you and what do you want with us?' Again I narrowed my eyes and bared my teeth as I struggled to my paws again but allowing myself to hold up the one attached to my injured shoulder.
I watched her stop as she opened her mouth and started to reply.
"I guess you can understand our language, huh...? Well... I'm Crissie, and the lady in the rail-car you killed earlier was my collegue. We never meant you any harm, she was just bringing you back to our group.
We've been watching you, and I heard everything that she said to you. If you promise to co-operate, you promise to let you -" She'd noticed Carla.
"... And your friend-" 'Considering she's still alive...' "will live with us the way you want to.  All we'd like to do is do some tests, after that... It all depends on the results..."
She knelt down and held out her hand, trying to coax me over. She too was giving off a scent of friendliness, and seemed to mean what she said.
I didn't accept the coaxing and backed off as well as I could towards Carla while keeping my eyes on "Crissie".
The cat had disappeared again, and not knowing where it had gone, I was unsure what to do.

The End

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