Wake up and see Carla beside me.

I woke up not remembering how I fell asleep. I was still on my side in the tunnel and through my blurred eyes I could just about make out the silloette of Carla beside me. She was curled up in a fetal position, her face still filthy and wet. 

Suddenly I became aware of the fact I was no longer in pain, I then realised that three other humans were lying around us. Bleeding. Dead. I shook the bluriness from my eyes and brain and looked aroung properly. Carla was lying very still and wasn't moving, if I couldn't hear her breath I would have though she was dead too. I then started when I realised that the little grey death machine was lying in her hand...


Oh brilliant! And to make matters worse the insane cat was back.

"I warned you. This girl has suffered unimaginably thanks to you. She has just killed her own father among others and now the humans will brand her a murderer. A small laboratory was chasing you before. Now everyone is."

The reality of the situation began to set in and I panicked. I tried to struggle to my feet but suddenly the leg I had been hurt in began to shoot with pain. What happened?

"Stop moving dragon! I can heal your leg but it will take much more time! Cats have many powers..." 

So I simply laid where I was and allowed the cat to continue whatever it was doing to my limb.


Carla's eyes snapped open and she looked into mine. She was clearly in agony but she tried to fake a smile for me and reached out her hand to massage my back.

"Did you speak?"

I nodded. She seemed to smile, but she was tired and injured and scared and upset and surprised by my speech so after that she simply closed her eyes and slept. I soon joined her.


The End

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