try to find a way out of the box

My tail tingled again, and I put it to the shiny object on the door by instinct.

I cowered and covered myself with my limbs as the entire box was filled with the sound of crackling, then listened as it powered down, all sources of light inside going off.

Lifting my head to look out of the thing beyond the ledge, I saw Carla being dragged out by one of the men, this one wearing a white coat, his hands covered in what I assumed to be hand-coats.

I let go of the little surface and used the female to climb swiftly to the bigger surface, slamming my tail against the barrier.

The noise made the human dragging Carla - and others that joined him - look in my direction as the barrier started to crack.

I realised how little energy I suddenly had, not having eaten all day, but kept at the barrier-slamming.

Eventually, just as the two others were running over, success! I jumped out of the box, avoiding the ladders, landed on the ground and ran as fast as I could towards Carla and the man, dodging the two others by running between their legs.

I got closer, and felt my tail reflecting shots the two others sent in my direction. Ha! I wasn't going to be taken so easily as when I was just hatched!

As I heard the other two fell (Wow, my tail had reflected them well!) I saw the other man release Carla with one hand - but stopping her from escaping - as he pulled out something small and dark-coloured - something that gave off the smell of death.

The next few seconds went in slow motion from my point of view - Carla saw the object and I heard her scream of "No, dad, don't!!" and the object flashed and let out the same noise we had heard when the two dogs had let us escape.

I put my extra limbs in the way, but the thing that had been ejected from the death-object pierced through the thin skin of the extra's, and I only had a split second pulse of pain from them before feeling it hitting my shoulder scales, going through them a small way before stopping, but still causing a dark substance to leak from where it had gone in, running down my arm before dripping continiously.

I looked back at Carla, whose face was wet yet again and whose mouth I could read calling to me over and over as her 'father' dragged her away, up the stairs and out of sight.

The pain was too much for me, and everything around me was spinning. I felt myself land on my uninjured side, looking at where the wound was as blackness and the two other humans closed in on me, and that was all I knew as I heard a sound echoing through my mind, eventually coming to my mouth as it did before...


The End

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